The first stop on our backpacking journey through Asia was Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is the capital and is known for its beautiful street life, bustling markets and historic landmarks and temples.


My companion and I stayed at the New Siam Palace in Bangkok. This hotel has a pool and a restaurant, as well as many rooms to accommodate guests. The New Siam Palace was right in the heart of Bangkok, near many restaurants and right down the street from the the infamous backpacker street in Bangkok, known as Khaoson Road. Khaoson Road is known for its nightlife and is considered one of the world’s top tourist destinations. A plethora of tourists and backpackers from all over the world are fully immersed in the culture here. There are all sorts of traditional Thai restaurants, bars, and markets lining the strip. It was hectic, that’s for sure, but it was definitely a nightlife experience every backpacker should take in during their time in Bangkok.


We traveled by bike taxis, known as “tuk tuks,” that took us through the busy streets of Bangkok. The currency was the Thai Baht, and 1 Thai Baht is equivalent to 0.032 of the United States Dollar. Meals were cheap, rarely over 400 Thai Baht. To put it in perspective, $10.00 is equivalent to 312.80 Thai Baht, so it was very easy to budget and spend a small amount of money each day. Bangkok had delicious street food on almost every corner, as well as beautiful markets that had all sorts of items. The street food consisted of pad thai, fried fish, fresh fruit, dumplings, noodles and boba tea.

©Domenica Jarvis Bangkok street food

The weather was extremely hot, so I would recommend wearing shorts, t-shirts and comfortable walking shoes. It is important to be mindful of pick-pockets, so wear backpacks and small purses on the front of your body. As we toured the streets, we noticed various temples, food trucks and beautiful decorations. Night markets contained tons of clothing, jewelry, food, drinks, gifts and art.  Bangkok is a beautiful city overflowing with culture, beauty, cuisine and landscapes that are truly one of a kind.