Transforming classic dishes to incorporate modern techniques and trends is an important aspect of culinary training. Here is an example of one that works well and would be great to serve before a large meal.

Caesar Salad Like a Gazpacho

Ingredients:                               Quantities:

Romaine lettuce                         1

Bread croutons                           1 cup

Chicken breast                            1

Caesar dressing                          1 cup (made with 1 cup vegetable oil, egg yolk, Parmesan and small taste of anchovy paste–whisked quickly)

Parmesan cheese                        To taste

The Why:

Caesar salad is one of the most popular dishes in the United States.  Food trend reconstruction is popular and this recipe alters the presentation of this dish with the same ingredients.  It’s a fun change to make and impress your dinner guests.  Cold soup is very popular in Europe, like the Spanish gazpacho. It is very refreshing in Summer time, yet a favorite all year long.

At SCARTS, cooking school in Central America, close to Miami, we teach classical European Cuisine and also Modern Techniques like reconstruction.

Caesar Salad in Bowl

Caesar Salad in Bowl ©French Master Chef Hervé Laurent


The How:

Cut chicken breast in small cubes, mix with olive oil and place in the oven 400° F until golden brown.

Prepare the croutons (toasted bread cubes) or buy them already made.

Prepare the sauce (egg yolk, Parmesan, anchovy paste and vegetable oil).

Blend the lettuce with few ice cubes, part of the bread, half of the chicken and half of the sauce.

For the presentation you can use a soup plate, a bowl or a glass.

Serve cold, decorate with the rest of the chicken and the croutons, add Parmesan.


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