Men can be difficult to shop for. They either ask for nothing or mention something so vague and boring, like socks or a T-shirt. If you’re looking for a great stocking-stuffer for the man in your life, spice things up by getting him something he doesn’t even know he needs (or that it exists): caffeinated shaving cream!

Pacific Shaving Company's Caffeinated Shaving Cream and Aftershave

Pacific Shaving Company’s Caffeinated Shaving Cream and Aftershave

Pacific Shaving Company is offering this brand new line of caffeinated shaving cream and aftershave, the first of its kind. It’s made with natural ingredients, is eco-friendly, and is available separately or as a set in your local Target. But why this product? Why put caffeine in shaving cream?

This is not unheard of in women’s cosmetics. Caffeine is already included in eye creams, moisturizers, anti-aging lotions and concealers. Pacific Shaving Company decided men deserve caffeine in their products, as well. The caffeine absorbs straight into your skin to give you a jolt as you start your day. Now this won’t replace your morning cup of coffee, but it will help you walk to the coffeemaker.

Here’s why caffeine benefits the shaving cream: it is high in antioxidants, which help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy; it is a vasoconstrictor, which is a fancy way to say it reduces the appearance of redness and soothes your skin; finally, it can penetrate skin and absorb into your blood to kick start your morning. This product is also vegan-friendly. made in the USA, was not tested on animals and has a long-lasting, concentrated formula. Additionally, its compact size makes it travel friendly.

Learn more at Pacific Shaving Company’s ( and check this gift off your to-do list!