The soft touch of cashmere on your skin, is a luxury everyone should experience. Casana Designs, has a passion for cashmere, and founder Carrie Chen covers what goes into bringing cashmere to life in her article, The Making of Cashmere Fabric in the March issue of Luxe Beat Magazine. She also gave us some insight to what makes Casana so special.

Carrie Chen, Founder of Casana

Carrie Chen, Founder of Casana

How has your interior design background influenced your fashion career?

I don’t consider myself a fashion designer, I consider myself more of a textile designer. My interior design background incorporates space and color patterns combining to provide a good foundation in design.

What is your inspiration for your line of scarves?

Inspiration was freedom to create, love and express. That is how I came to design my first scarf, I was eager to be free to create, love and express.

Casana Scarves, Rainfall in Brown

Casana Scarves, Rainfall in Brown

What makes Casana cashmere so special?

We use finest cashmere from Himalayan Mountains. No one else uses such high quality cashmere. All of the scarves are handmade and hand printed with eco-friendly materials. The dye used doesn’t impact environment very much; it’s 80% natural dye. The Casana collection is very high quality don’t use heavy machinery to make cashmere it’s all very authentic.

Where does the name “Casana” come from?

The name Casana comes from Carrie (my name of course) and my two daughters names Sabrina and Natalia. The logo has a feather which represents light material (cashmere). It also represents freedom; the lines of feather were designed to express myself as a mother overseeing my two daughters; freedom to adapt whatever situation encounter.

Casana Scarves

Who are your favorite designers?

Textile Designer Jim Thomson and Fashion Designer Ted Baker.

What is next for Casana?

Casana will continue to do what we do; ensuring we always use the finest, high quality materials.

Casana plans to expand our FW 2015 collection Mongolian cashmere with furs and 100% cashmere cardigans. The collections are luxurious and price points very attainable.

We will introduce a collection of scarf accessories including brooches and pins for 2016. It’s a natural progression for Casana.

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