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Why Africa is the Perfect Place to go for a Richly Diverse Holiday

Going on holiday is something us Brits look forward to more than anything else. After all, it’s our chance to escape the pressures of our day to day lives for something else, whether that be relaxation, excitement, adventure, culture, a combination of these or something completely different, holidays are a popular annual event for us. When it comes to looking for where to go on holiday, many of us can fall into a rut of visiting the same places over and over again or visiting somewhere similar to where we went the previous year. This year, why not try...

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Indulge in Your Moroccan Fantasy: Take a Trip to Jaimas Madu Luxury Camp

Interested in disconnecting yourself from society and taking a luxurious trip unlike any other? Consider traveling outside of Marrakech, Morocco to a remote destination in the heart of the Sahara Desert. In the middle of Erg Chebbi Merzouga, there is a hotel that sits among the rolling dunes of the Sahara Desert. Located 300 miles from the center of Marrakech Morocco, Jaimas Madu Luxury Camp is a hidden gem you’ll find after an hour’s camel ride from the start of the desert. This past winter, I was lucky enough to indulge my Moroccan fantasy and spend a day and...

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Luxury Tent Camp Photo Safari of East Africa

Frontiers International Travel is thrilled to offer a new photographic safari of East Africa that includes visiting the Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti National Park, the Masai Mara National Reserve and one of the most eagerly awaited and avidly observed wildlife spectacles on earth – the annual Great Migration. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Africa or a repeat traveler, this safari promises to fulfill every expectation. Days will be spent in a photographer’s paradise with breathtaking vistas, abundant wildlife and endless plains. Experience the Great migration of 500,000 wildebeest, 200,000 zebras and 500,000 Thomson’s gazelle. Plus, bask in the beauty of...

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Travel to South Africa: A Bucket List Destination

For lovers of adventure, South Africa is a dream destination, rich with majestic wildlife, magical landscapes, unforgettable cultural experiences and yes, even fine dining. African Travel, Inc. is offering an exceptional 12-day journey with 5-star accommodations and stress-free travel, with international airfare travel included. When booked by May 31, 2019, guests will receive a third night free at the 5-star Oyster Box hotel. On this 12-day South Africa Splendor itinerary, travelers can experience a classical safari, explore exotic wildlife, discover the majesty of the Twelve Apostles Mountain, and savor the magnificent views of the Indian Ocean. They will enjoy...

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Hollywood Glamour Meets Moroccan Style

This year, the glamourous Es Saadi Marrakech Resort in Morocco is continuing its long-standing partnership with the International Film Festival de Marrakech.  Acting as a base and hosting a variety of events throughout the week-long festival, the prestigious hotel will maintain its 50-year reputation as a celebrity hangout as it lights up with Hollywood glamour this November. From 30th November, Marrakech will be awash with the bright and beautiful – from internationally acclaimed film stars to celebrated directors, cast and crew – all there to attend the 17th Annual International Film Festival of Marrakech, of which Es Saadi Marrakech Resort has...

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Taste Durban, South Africa – You’ll be More than Satisfied!

Having been named as the world’s best food city by such prestigious publications as Condé Nast Traveler and The Telegraph, Cape Town in South Africa stands out as a must-visit destination for the world’s foodies.  Restaurants such as The Test Kitchen have enjoyed top recognition, being ranked in the Top 30 restaurants in the world. But quality cuisine is certainly not limited to Cape Town. The eastern coastal city of Durban, treasured for its long beaches and warm seas typical of the tropical climate it enjoys, has also developed into a city with numerous superlative food offerings. “For foreign...

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NEW Luxury Yoga Retreat in Kenya

In honor of National Yoga Day this June 21, Frontiers International Travel and Great Plains Conservation are excited to announce two new Wild Studio Yoga retreats being offered in one of the most spiritual locations on the African continent. These four-night retreats will take place on the edge of the Chyulu Hills in southern Kenya, where guests will enjoy sunrise and sunset meditation and yoga sessions with incredible views across the wildlife-filled plains to Mt Kilimanjaro’s snow-capped peak. Trips are scheduled for November 30 – December 4, 2018, and December 4 – December 8, 2018.  Packages include internal flights, the yoga...

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Growing Segment of Travellers Booking Walking Tours

As leaders in active luxury travel, Butterfield & Robinson covers the globe on two wheels, and biking trips continue to be one of the most immersive and healthiest ways to travel. But the desire to cover more ground (especially with aging travellers) has caused a shift in the trips we offer. With considerable growth in booked walking trips throughout the last few years, B&R has beefed up its portfolio of scheduled, bespoke and Ready-to-Book walking departures around the world – and it’s paying off! Through January and February 2018, B&R has seen a 44 per cent increase in travellers booking trips from...

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Hemingways Naughty Nairobi

I’m in snug rolls of blankets, gently rolling into slumber, when gently my breakfast order is requested. It looks as if Naomi Campbell is speaking to me. Am I dreaming? But I’m not on Kenya Airways’ just-launched new Dreamliner, I’m in their more down-to-earth aircraft. Though I’m in their world-class Business Class, I haven’t quite expected its multi-award-winning amenities to include Naomi Campbell as hostess. Attending me is Victoria, about whose uncanny resemblance to the super model I remark. Victoria smiles that she did indeed model but hasn’t the “X-factor.” She has, however, the “I” factor, intelligence — demonstrated...

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South African Spa Safaris

Earth Lodge (Sabi Sands) Cameron Diaz, it seems, is waiting to receive me at the lodge. But it’s Nadia. Then my hearts beats excitedly as it looks like Nadia is presenting me Warren Beatty. But it’s Nadia’s husband, Stefan, as attractive as Warren Beatty. Stefan and Nadia are the handsomest couple of GMs you’re likely to meet. Nadia flutters about prettily. Stefan’s exactitude ensures South Africa’s tautest service. Here’s one safari lodge that spares you shambolic service and where you don’t expostulate “TIA!” (“This is Africa!”), which is the standard explanation for all organisation disasters in Africa. As good-looking...

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