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A Broad Abroad, One Woman’s Journey -Book Excerpt – Bizarre Bazaars

A Broad Abroad, One Woman’s Journey by Mandy Rowe Book Excerpt – Chapter Title: Bizarre Bazaars Riyadh was a city with more than its fair share of markets, shops, souqs and malls, but the expat community – especially the women – had an insatiable urge for more shopping. Markets and bazaars popped up at regular intervals in the rec centres of some of the larger compounds, with customers arriving by the busload and shopping as if a war was imminent and they needed to stockpile. The largest bazaar was held on the first Monday of each month at Kingdom...

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Vibrant Artist Kay Kalar of Fallbrook, California

“It’s about so much more than just splashing paint onto a surface” ~ Kay Kalar Sun rays dancing on vibrant rose blooms, sensuous iris swaying in the breeze, subtle watercolor tones contrasted with the vivid intensity of flowers, plants, and outdoor scenes. These things capture my heart and soul, bringing me – and thousands of others – joy and peace.   Lucky for us this is a part of the natural world that also inspires artist Kay Kalar of Fallbrook. CA. Born and raised as an only child in the central valley of California Kay married her high school sweetheart...

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Victura: the Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea

Victura: the Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea by James W. Graham Book Excerpt: Chapter 1 Metaphor for Life The day before he died President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, arrived at the Rice Hotel in Houston, Texas, taking a room freshly remodeled for their short stay. They had three and a half hours to rest and dine together before heading out for two evening appearances and the day’s end. Jack, sitting in a rocking chair, wearing just his shorts, worked on a speech and doodled on a sheet of hotel notepaper. Later, their public obligations satisfied,...

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Finding Nirvana in Manhattan At The Rubin Museum of Art

The Premier Museum in The West For Himalayan Art New York City, NY beholds an incomparable wealth of cultural and ethnic diversity with art treasures from around the globe. Among its many virtues is providing a home for one of the world’s largest collections of Himalayan art. The Rubin Museum of Art,  which opened in 2004, is the premier museum in the West for Himalayan art and the surrounding regions. This spacious 70,000-square-foot museum, located at 150 West 17 Street, near 7th Avenue in Manhattan, is a treasure trove of spiritual art. Serene intimate galleries showcase ritual sculptures in...

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The Underground Railroad—A Noble Line Indeed

To paraphrase the humorist Will Rogers on a very serious subject from the 1840s and 1850s, “And if you think this country ain’t pro-slavery, just watch ‘em vote; and if you think this country ain’t anti-slavery, just watch ‘em read Uncle Tom and support the Underground.” “Uncle Tom”, of course, refers to Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, while the “Underground” refers to the non-railroad, “The Underground Railroad”, the autonomous network throughout the South and North for guiding runaway slaves to freedom in the North and Canada. Before and during the above 19th century decades, there was considerable...

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Art in Full Bloom

Three Different Artists Who Are Inspired by Flowers With the arrival of spring New York City residents and visitors alike are encouraged to visit the many wonderful outdoor attractions such as The New York Botanical Garden. Located in the Bronx, this spectacular 250 acre oasis offers diverse gardens and luxuriant plant collections. “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”  ~ Luther Burbank Viewing art that has been inspired by flowers and fauna is an experience that offers us the same healing benefits we receive from exploring outdoor gardens. The...

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Jackie Collins Gets Lucky with Wolfgang Puck

New York Times Bestselling author Jackie Collins is more than a sexy romance novelist, she’s also hot in the kitchen. Chef Wolfgang Puck has been seduced by her charm and inspired to create a personalized cocktail for the author simply titled, The Jackie Collins, (recipe below) and it is a highlight of her new collection of recipes. Stepping outside of her typical romance genre, her new book The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook is on bookstore shelves today and her faithful fans will not be disappointed. Inspired by her most popular character, Lucky Santangelo, the cookbook features Lucky’s favorite recipes and...

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Holland at Tulip Time

Last April I flew to Amsterdam to visit the tulip fields of Holland.  Unfortunately, spring had been cold and most of the gardens were behind schedule; the bulbs were not yet in bloom. However, Keukenhof, the world’s largest tulip garden with over seven million bulbs, did not disappoint. The 80-acre shrine boasts greenhouses full of exotic species and I understand some of the outdoor gardens have heated installations. Dull corners do not exist; the flowering fields are the essence of springtime. You’ll find no lack of photographers in this ephemeral place. Keukenhof lies about a half hour outside the...

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French Master Chef Hervé Laurent Presents Classic Cuisine Served The Modern Way!

The goal of my recipes will be to provide you with the why and how to prepare different dishes. These are the same explanations provided to my students at SCARTS.  Classic cuisine served the modern way! The Why? Food and design is a big trend and popular. This will be shown with ScandinaVian Marinated Salmon, Asparagus, Balsamic Sauce. The presentation of the plate below is called “disorganized order.” The decoration looks messy but it takes lots of attention and details to balance colors and flavors. It gives guests the possibility to taste everything separately. The presentation of the plate...

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What do Téa Leoni, Carrie Ann Inaba, Colin Cowie, and Kim Vo Have in Common—Aqua Tan

Do you want to make a fashion statement with your skin sporting a lovely natural looking glow?  That is a challenge many face and we found Hollywood insiders’ secret.  When Tina Turnbow of the New York Times  asked Téa Leoni her secret for her sun-kissed glow, Leoni responded, “Aqua Tan self-tanning products…” Other industry insiders who love Aqua Tan include Carrie Ann Inaba, Dancing with the Stars; Colin Cowie, Style Maker to the Stars; Kim Vo, Stylist to the Stars; make up artists at Bloomberg TV; and discerning clients of the Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa.  Aqua Tan was named...

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Private Culinary Tour with Celebrity Chef Jet Tila

Succulent Green Papaya Salad, Deep Fried Marinated Pork served with special Yum sauce, cool sweet Chrysanthemum Ice Tea, Jade Noodles so authentic and tasty you’ll beg for the recipe…are just part of your  private VIP tour experience with celebrity chef Jet Tila. If you’re a true foodie, you want the inside scoop on a specific style of cuisine. You don’t want to just read about it in a book.  You want to see, smell, taste and experience it for yourself and with the best coach possible. Are you a foodie? Is learning about Thai food on your bucket list? ...

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Perfect Antidote to Seattle’s Winter Grey Palette, New Chihuly Garden and Glass

As soon as I entered the exhibition I thought that this is exactly how Alice must have felt after she tumbled down the rabbit hole into a fantasy world. This one is populated with surreal, kaleidoscope-colored glass creations ranging in size from minute, gem-like balls to a 1,340-piece, 100-foot long sculpture, hovering high overhead in the “Glass House”, inspired by Dale Chihuly’s two favorite buildings, Paris’ Sainte-Chapelle and London’s Crystal Palace. Done in vibrant shades of orange, yellow and red, it offers a warm sunrise/sunset glass-framed view of the Space Needle towering behind the building. As you meander through...

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