Summer Has Arrived At The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe

I’m a big fan of Lake Tahoe, but I don’t get there for a visit as often as I should. I don’t live very far – just a few hours drive. So what’s my excuse? Truth be told, I don’t like to be cold. I like to ski, but the thought of snow makes me cold before I ever set foot in the stuff and technically even have a chance to get cold. Some might say I’m a wimp, I prefer beach girl. Little did I realize I could get my sunshine fix in Tahoe during the summer. For...

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What Do Mamie Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, And Queen Elizabeth II Have In Common?

Louisville Stoneware records show that Mamie Eisenhower used the popular Bachelor Button pattern in her every day dishes. Ronald Reagan received a small scale Louisville Stoneware replica of the White House, filled with jelly beans. In 2007, when she visited Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby, Queen Elizabeth II received a Louisville Stoneware music box that played My Old Kentucky Home. By changing with the times, by continuing the American tradition of transforming clay into enduring, functional art forms, Louisville Stoneware celebrates 200 years in 2015. For two centuries, their creative designs in stoneware have reflected the ever-changing story...

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Signature Sandwiches…Why They Are So Popular

Why Signature Sandwiches Are So Popular? They are convenient; you can include all food groups, and savor the taste– fast, good, slow food. Point of interest: They were originally named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718-92). It was said that the Earl ate sandwiches so he would not have to leave the gambling tables to eat. Signature Sandwich with whole bread, bacon, gratinated goat cheese and apples The Why…  Did you know Europeans eat sandwiches with a fork and knife? This sandwich can also be eaten like salad, tapas or simply bites. Balance of flavors is the...

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Chef Jetzabel Rojas Reinterprets Indigenous Mexican Cuisine At The Viceroy, Riviera Maya

The award-winning Viceroy Riviera Maya continues to rack-up endless “best of” accolades, but perhaps their most powerful secret weapon is their talented Chef, Jetzabel Rojas Barragán. I managed to catch up with this busy young woman after she had just knocked them dead at the 2014 Cancun-Rivera Maya Wine & Food Festival. It’s interesting (and a little sad in this day and age) to note that she was the only local female chef that participated in this gourmet event. Jetzabel (which means “Queen”) grew up in a big family, surrounded by a bevy of females who cooked and were...

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