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Fashion Goes High-Tech With Self-Buttoning Dress Shirt

Keeping up with daily life, latest fashion trends, is easier than ever with MagnaReady® Dress shirts always look good, but frequently seem more trouble than they are worth. I’ve always liked to wear men’s dress shirts with jeans, but did not like ironing them, paying to have them laundered, or sewing on missing buttons. Now, it is easier than ever with MagnaReady® self-buttoning dress shirts. Fashion trends for men seem to change slowly, whereas women’s trends can drastically change from season to season. However, like anything else, there are some fashion staples that never go out of style. MagnaReady®...

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Model and Actress Summer Crosley Uncovered

There is more than meets the eye with model and actress Summer Crosley, as I discovered in our recent interview. The Californication actress is our Luxe Beat Magazine May 2014 cover model and as she travels the globe, she’s an advocate for ocean life conservation. Her beauty is more than skin-deep and her compassion for living things, both on and off land, is refreshing. She lives her life by not sweating the small stuff and after all of her exotic travels, she has plans to keep her life simple. Here is what she had to say during our online...

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Jia Li Designs for the Woman Going Places

  Women’s clothing designer, Jia Li, has taken the utilitarian look out of multifunctional clothing and made it ultra chic. Jia Collection features an array of tops, dresses, jackets and coats, all of which can be worn at least two different ways. Classic shapes combined with innovative design are trademarks of Jia Collection I first discovered Jia last spring and have since worn her pieces from the beaches of Maui to the mountains of Switzerland. Amazed by the craftsmanship, design and versatility of Jia Collection, I sat down with the designer for a look inside of her line for...

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The Fashionable Martini

Is it the drink, the design of the glass, or a little of both? What doesn’t look good, served in a martini glass. Originally, Martinis were made with gin and vermouth and garnished with an olive or twist of lemon. Some substituted vodka. The origin is unclear but vermouth has been around 150 years. Even though quite strong, they have always been a beautiful and fashionable drink.   But for me it’s not the drink, it’s the glass. I’ve used the martini glass for years to serve shrimp cocktail and desserts. I’m not alone, as many restaurateurs have done...

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Luxury Glamour on the Go

Luxury travelers want the finest tools when it comes to their beauty routine. Filling a suitcase with dozens of creams and potions can take up unnecessary space that could be set aside for another pair of Jimmy Choos.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple beauty plan that you can trust? Something you can grab and go. This luxury glamour on the go round-up is ideal for the luxury beach traveler or the business executive on the run.  I had the opportunity to review the below products and enjoyed them all. Rowenta Beauty’s Versa Style™ Styling Iron -$200, Bloomingdales...

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Divine ModesTee Simply Ideal

Divine ModesTee simply ideal for me. I field many inquiries for various products. One recently came in that I passed on to our fashion editor. However, when Divine ModesTee crossed my screen, I was intrigued. No longer in the “sweet young woman” category, nor rail thin, these suits looked flattering and perfect. Most women, no matter their age, want to look stylish and comfortable. As Johnny Mercer said, “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and don’t mess with mister in between.” This swimwear has over fifty-five mix and match designs. Now, the test was to determine if they were...

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What do Téa Leoni, Carrie Ann Inaba, Colin Cowie, and Kim Vo Have in Common—Aqua Tan

Do you want to make a fashion statement with your skin sporting a lovely natural looking glow?  That is a challenge many face and we found Hollywood insiders’ secret.  When Tina Turnbow of the New York Times  asked Téa Leoni her secret for her sun-kissed glow, Leoni responded, “Aqua Tan self-tanning products…” Other industry insiders who love Aqua Tan include Carrie Ann Inaba, Dancing with the Stars; Colin Cowie, Style Maker to the Stars; Kim Vo, Stylist to the Stars; make up artists at Bloomberg TV; and discerning clients of the Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa.  Aqua Tan was named...

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Kelley Derrett: Sustainable Fashion for the Sophisticated Woman

As a 16-year-old working in a Toronto department store, Kelley Derrett had dreams of working in the fashion industry. If you told her that she would be traveling the world as a savvy businesswoman and launching her namesake brand in the Spring of 2014…she might not believe you. Fast forward to present day and she has done just that.  After years in the Fashion business managing brands and directing teams, Kelley has taken the leap and offers her own sensibility in design through products she loves. “My collection mirrors my personal approach to dressing and complements the lives of...

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Imelda Marcos, You Have Competition with Shoes

Shoes have always been in fashion and fun and many of us have a closet full. When I was unable to find my photos from the Kennebunkport Festival, where I had photographed shoes of attendees, I called my friend Angie Helton for help. She could give Imelda Marcos a run for the money. Every day, Angie wore a different pair of fun or beautiful shoes, which exquisitely matched her outfits. So Angie came through and pulled some of her favorites out of her closet. In the 40s and 50s, platform shoes were the rage and spaghetti straps went wild....

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Luxury Fashion in the Bedroom

  Silk is the answer and Manito silk makes a difference. Until recently, I know I had experienced many of the best of the best, when it comes to silk sheets, pillow cases, duvets, pillows, robes, gowns and pajamas. Well, by accident, I’ve found a new favorite and sheer indulgence—Manito products.   All silk is natural, sustainable, durable, hypoallergenic, gentle, comfortable and easy to care for. Whether this brand of silk is indulgence, bliss, or a slice of heaven, I’m not sure. But the Manito family-owned company, with decades of history behind it, makes a difference. From harvesting the...

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Lindberg Customized Eyewear and an Interview with Henrik Lindberg

Eyeware has been an integral part of my entire family’s life forever, or so it seems. I’ve experienced eyewear I disliked and others that seemed like part of me. To be able to learn about and interview Henrik Lindberg was an unexpected pleasure. This family-run Danish business is led by Henrik Lindberg, who co-founded the company with his father, Poul-Jørn Lindberg,  in the 1980s. They are now recognized as one of the world’s leading international fashion eyewear companies. Lindberg   What I found interesting was Henrik trained as an architect. LINDBERG’s classic elegance and simplicity have played an important role...

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Philanshopit February Fashions That Give Back

Philanshopit was born when two friends wanted to combine their love of fashion and their passion for philanthropy. Hanna and Aubrey founded the company to allow customers to purchase socially responsible items without sacrificing style. This month, we’re looking at new February fashions that give you a chance to give back. 1. Palette Cross-Body – $65.00 The Angela & Roi Project presents an opportunity to support non-profit organizations while investing in a timeless handbag. The color palette cross-body bag is made with vegan leather. It features a magnetic button closures and adjustable cross-body strap. With each purchase, Angela &...

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