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Style Heist

Are you a fashion thief? Think long and hard before answering. Fashion thrives on stealing style ideas from those we consider icons and trend-setters. Advertising and marketing cannot compete with celebrity sightings in a fashion rag or scenes from the red carpet. Brand legacies are born when the masses grab hold of a look and make it their own or become simple carbon copies. When you’re searching for inspiration or just want something you can pull off the rack that is fashion ready, pop into Heist. Nilou Ghodsi is the proprietor and she is setting the style trends in...

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Handbags for the Holidays

There are so many choices when it comes to fashion accessories, and handbags are no exception. As you make your way to the local shopping mall and sit on Santa’s lap, which handbag will you be asking for this holiday season? We talked with two handbag designers who showcase classic styles, and new materials that are sure to please a woman of any age on Christmas morning. Sheena Sujan, High-end Style with a Classic Look Sheena Sujan was launched in the fall of 2013. Celebrities such as Giuliana Rancic, Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashion have all been seen wearing...

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What Are You Renting for the Holidays?

By Sherrie Wilkolaski and Courtney Lowden If you want to feel like you just came off the runway, rent it. Fashion moves as quickly as taking your next breath. Its constant evolution can be difficult to keep up with when you want to be garbed in the latest designer look, and prefer to wear a piece only once. What is a girl to do!  There is a retailer that caters to just such a shopper and it’s called Rent the Runway. When I heard about the service, I knew we had to send our Fashion Editor, Courtney Lowden, out on...

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Celebrity Eyes on Christian Roth for 30 Years

The right pair of shades can make anyone feel like a celebrity. There is a transformation that occurs that can’t quite be explained, as a stylish pair of specs glide up your nose and the whites of your eyes slowly disappear behind the lenses. When it comes to luxury eyewear, Christian Roth transformed how the world looks at optical fashion, both inside and out. It’s been 30 years and Christian Roth is still adored by celebrities and those who want to feel like a star. In 1984, Eric Domège and Christian Roth founded Christian Roth eyewear. The company is...

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Fall Gemstones

Fall is my favorite season. Changing of the leaves in robust warm red, orange and golden-yellow tones, makes me smile. The first sign of an autumn breeze and I’m digging through my closet pulling out my favorite boots, sweaters and coats. There is of course an evaluation of the wardrobe to see what items might be missing or needed and a shopping spree is a must. One area of a girl’s attire that is never overlooked with the change of season is her jewelry; diamonds, rubies and emeralds…oh my! Just as fashion fluctuates, so do gemstones, and what was in...

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WOMEN FASHION POWER at The Design Museum

Powerful women from past to present, from Coco Chanel to CEOs, as well as those who reign in the worlds of royalty and entertainment, have used fashion to define themselves, represent their unique personalities, and proclaim their positions of authority. Their individual style choices serve as instruments for self-expression. Suffice it to say, fashion is an integral component in the visual language of society. As the title suggests, WOMEN FASHION POWER, an exhibition at the Design Museum in the UK, promises to be electrifying and colorful.  Visitors will take a multi-media journey through the display of historic pieces of...

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Sea Bags An Ideal Gift All Year Long

Several years ago, I was fortunate to receive a Sea Bag as a gift, when covering Harvest on the Harbor in Portland, Maine. It was the nicest and most practical tote bag ever. Every bag I saw was a little different, given they were made from recycled boat sails, so this provided the added benefit of being waterproof. Mine is still in active use, as I gave it to my niece. She makes many trips to the beach, so it seemed an appropriate gesture. When we were talking about the ideal tote bag for Luxe Beat Magazine readers, I...

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A True&Co. Bra That Fits

We are approached to review many products, some of great interest, others quite unusual, and others in which we feel our readers would not have interest. When True&Co. approached us to review its bras, I was personally quite interested. After all, half of our readers are women. Bras have come a long way during the past century. Howard Hughes was known for designing just the right one for the well-endowed Jane Russell. I’m sure he enjoyed the challenge and success. So I was fascinated by the sizing quiz each person takes to determine her correct size. It covers everything...

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History, Art, Beauty, and Fashion Come Alive in NYC Museums

Three compelling New York museum exhibitions reflect the course of history and share a common thread of beauty, fashion and glamour in different ways. The “Gilded Age” at the Museum of the City of New York provides a view of the 19th century lifestyle of the elite in New York, while the “Killer Heels” exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum encompasses decades of styles of high heel shoes. An exhibition of Cubist Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art would not have come to fruition without the 40 year collection of cosmetics mogul Leonard A. Lauder. We know that Cubism...

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Earth-friendly UMASAN Is Changing How We Look at Fashion

At Fashion Week this September, be on the lookout for two of the most innovative, young, award-winning German designers hitting the runway. Anja and Sandra Umann of UMASAN are taking the fashion world by storm with their celebration of subversion of sustainable design. I recently stumbled upon their spring fashion collection and I couldn’t resist putting them on my list of “people of interest” that I would like to learn more about. Anja and Sandra are identical twins and are about as close as two sisters can be, working side by side to create their unique take on fashion....

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Concord Mariner Re-launch of the Brand’s Iconic 1980s Collection

The 1980’s was a time of excess and incredible music. Off in the distance I can hear Tears For Fears’ “Head Over Heels” after learning about Concord Mariner’s re-launch of the brand’s iconic 1980’s collection at Baselworld 2014.  Concord now introduces new men’s and women’s stainless steel models accented by rose gold with diamonds, evoking the summer sun’s warm glow and the cool sparkle of azure seas. The unmistakable angles and smooth, slim ergonomic planes composing a masterpiece of contemporary nautical delights on the 41mm case of the Mariner Gent and Mariner Gent Automatic now playfully blend stainless steel...

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Bohemian Spirit During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

MASAN SS15 Presents An Ethically Urban Homage To The Freedom of The Nomadic, Bohemian Spirit During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin An abandoned ice-rink with a live performance of Dante Alighieri’s work was the dramatic setting for the 4th successive season of the Award Winning high fashion, vegan brand UMASAN for their SS15 show, where the blending of genders was not so much a political statement as an embracing of a unisex future. The collection is an ode to the wandering traveller, a nomadic bohemian spirit intrinsic to the UMASAN DNA. However this journey was a spiritual one, a journey...

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