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Stylish Stay in Exciting Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh could be the sister wife of my hometown, San Francisco. It’s compact, imminently walkable, vertically challenged (like Rome and S.F., Edinburgh is built on seven hills) and packed with tourist attractions, ergo packed with tourists.  It is neatly divided into two camps. Old Town is all about historic sights, lively pubs, tourist shops, atmospheric spires, gargoyles, and medieval cobbled streets crisscrossed with hidden wynds and closes (little alleys that offer marvelous secret walks).  New Town, considered a masterpiece of city planning, which retains much of its original Georgian period architecture, is lined with fabulous shops, eateries and communal...

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Wondrous Walking Tour of England’s Lake District

Grasmere, Coniston, Windermere…if they were three high school girls running for prettiest prom queen, it would be tough call as to who would win. And these were just a few of the many idyllic Lake District villages we visited. William Wordsworth portrays his beloved homeland as: “Majesty, and beauty and repose, A blended holiness of earth and sky.” Letting some of my new walking buds join me;-) The problem with this area is that it’s all so breathtakingly gorgeous, so undeniably natural, so unique with its constantly changing terrain, that you really need to spend at least a week...

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The Bell Tolls For Thee

by Graeme Kemlo Between 3 am and 4 am at dozens of temples across South Korea, weary Westerners rise to greet the pre-dawn at the tolling of the Beomjong (temple bell). They have chosen the ultimate cultural immersion on offer to foreign visitors, to live the life of a Korean Buddhist monk for a day, or two, or more.  Proving that luxury is really a state of mind, worldly possessions are put to one side, along with all cares. More than 1.9 million people, 1.35 million of them foreigners, have completed a Templestay program over the past decade, arriving...

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Glam Girlfriend Getaway: Keswick Hall at Monticello

Keswick Hall Update: Keswick Hall is currently under renovations in 2018 and will reopen in 2019. Please enjoy the original article previously published. Upon entering the intimate 48-room mansion, my sister and I felt like we were visiting a (very well off) friend’s country estate instead of checking into a hotel. Over 100 years old, with a rather checkered past, Keswick Hall is “one lady who’s aged marvelously well.” Originally built in 1912, this sumptuous, 8,000 square foot Italianate estate snuggled in 200 acres of prime Virginia countryside, was known as the Villa Crawford. The property changed hands and purposes...

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Good Enough for Rolls-Royce, Manchester’s Midland Hotel

  Sophisticated, cultural, trendy, exciting, glamorous are all adjectives one might use to describe London, but Manchester? Absolutely, which comes as no surprise to Mancunians, who are bursting with pride over their newly fashionable city which has two of England’s best football clubs, spit-polished grand old stone buildings, the award-winning $200 million Lowry Center filled with exciting galleries, theaters and eateries, upscale loft developments, the inspiring Museum of Science and Industry, etc. Sleep The Midland Hotel, a four-star, historic railroad hotel opened to great acclaim in 1903, when it was described as a “twentieth century palace” due to its opulent...

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CLEAR Could Help You Get to the Spa Faster

CLEAR-ly this smart woman is a CLEAR customer What can you do in under five minutes?  Put on mascara and run a comb through your hair, microwave popcorn, run a tenth of a mile, speed through airport security … say whaaaat? Yup, you read me correctly. CLEAR is a fantastic program that lets you zip through airline security faster than a speeding bullet or, at the bare minimum, in under five minutes. This is the hottest thing to hit travel since wheels on a suitcase. When you join CLEAR you’ll laugh like a crazy person when you arrive at...

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