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Do’s and Don’ts of Thanksgiving Etiquette

Thanksgiving is a special time where we give thanks for everything and everyone in our lives.  But when family and friends who don’t see each other very often gather for the yearly feast and celebration, sometimes things get strange and awkward. How do you shut down those prying questions or handle a rogue guest? Sharon Schweitzer, an international etiquette expert, author, and founder of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide, offers these tips to make this Thanksgiving the best ever. –        Seating Plan & Place Cards: As the host, keep the cast of family, friends, distant relatives, neighbors, and old friends...

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Global Etiquette – International Dining

Any country you are visiting may have extremely different dining etiquette rules than those you are used to. On the other hand, they may be similar. The key is to be prepared. You may find yourself sitting on the floor, eating with your hands, or trying exotic food. To avoid too many shocks and surprises, take some time to discover the dining etiquette rules that are common at your destination. Be sure to be humble and respectful when you make a mistake. There is a lot to learn and it helps to keep a little notebook as you go...

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Global Etiquette – Handshakes and Greetings Worldwide

Many of us have heard the expression, “You have one chance to make a first impression.” Your handshake and/or greeting are part of that impression. I cannot begin to cover all countries, so I will cover what I know. In addition, times have changed and new customs are being introduced. That does not necessarily mean they are being adopted. My references have included “Do’s and Taboos Around the World,” “Modern Manners,” as well as numerous articles I’ve read and experiences I’ve encountered. Some conflict, so I’d personally go with the lead of my host, to whom I’m being introduced....

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Global Etiquette–American English

American English can jeopardize negotiations and understanding, whether in business or traveling abroad. An Austrian, German, Frenchman, Japanese, Greek, or other nationality may understand each other speaking English, but not understand the American. Frequently, there is a huge communication gap. Confusion is based on the misuse of sayings that are understood by Americans, but not by those from other countries. It can’t be stressed enough by companies and individuals to speak clearly, when dealing with those from different countries. Let’s look at some titles: On a first visit, the individual may be the Personnel Director, Director of Human Resources,...

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Global Etiquette – Gifting

For those of us who enjoy giving and receiving gifts, it is an easy assumption to make that everyone does. They don’t.  For those who think gifts don’t matter, they do. I know, along with what I said above, it seems completely contradictory, and it is. Each culture and part of the globe is different.  I do not have the information on all, but will share the knowledge I do have. This articles focuses on gifts for the business traveler, even though most also apply to individuals. This applies to those giving, as well as receiving. Some of my...

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Worldwide Wine Tips And Sips: International Wine Etiquette

International Wine Etiquette I have a tip for you. It’s about worldwide wine etiquette. I know, “etiquette” is one of those words that summons up a variety of associations of place and time– some good, some not so much. A few of the rules listed below may seem like throwbacks to a stuffy, long-gone era and may remind you of when you could not enter a fancy restaurant in town without a jacket or blazer. I say, go with the flow and relax into the rules. There is a time and place for all things. The basic canons of...

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Global Etiquette

International behavior awareness makes your travel more pleasurable, whether business or personal. My interest piqued on this topic in the 80s when traveling to S.E. Asia, while working on my Master’s degree. I continued to ask, read and learn more on the topic. It is our hope with this monthly column to cover dining etiquette, gestures, gifting, greetings, and customs in general. It is my hope that our readers will share some of their own experiences, as that is what really brings the importance of this issue to life. Etiquette could can make or break a business deal or social...

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