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The Chemistry Behind Humboldt Distillery

What defines a mad scientist, one could say is his passion for his craft. In this case, Abe Stevens is the chemist behind Humboldt Distillery and mad about distilling organic spirits in the small town of Fortuna, California. With a degree in chemistry and biochemistry, this fifth generation Humboldt county proprietor is concocting award-winning craft spirits. Abe founded his distilling playground in 2012 after several years of working in the pharmaceutical industry. He was ready to take a break and contemplate where he was headed next. He says it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment he made a decision,...

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Go Fig or Go Home with Black Infusions Vodka

Martini’s… shakin’ not stirred. Highballs…on the rocks or straight up? Whatever your poison there are a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting ones five o’clock libation. Let’s put beer and wine aside for a moment and take a look at the spirits industry. It’s on fire. According to a recent report by Grand View Research, Inc.,” the global craft spirits market is expected to reach USD 80.43 billion by 2025.” Michael Davidson is the owner and CEO of Black Infusions and is celebrating five years with his Distilled Spirit Specialties. He’s developed a product that is taking...

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Old Fashioned with a Twist

Cocktail trends may come and go, but one staple remains a fixture on drink menus two centuries after its invention – the Old Fashioned. There are many competing stories about the origins of the “first” true cocktail recipe, but nearly all agree that the modern-day cocktail was first mixed in the early 1800s, and the recipe was generally the same Old Fashioned recipe still mixed in bars around the world today: liquor, sugar, water and bitters. Bourbon is traditionally the spirit of choice for an Old Fashioned, but contemporary versions may substitute virtually any type of liquor, from rye...

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Award-Winning Wine and Spirits Producer Brent Hocking Announces Launch Of Mod Sélection Champagne in the United States

Mod Sélection Champagne today announced its release in the United States. Produced in an exclusive enclave of the Vallée de la Marne for over five generations, Mod Sélection has a legacy and authenticity dating back to 1892. Selected as the finest house in Champagne by award-winning wine and spirits producer Brent Hocking for its exceptional dedication to purity, balance and finesse. Only now has this superior Cuvée become available for release. Mod Sélection is the purest expression of balance and terroir in Champagne. Prized for its delicate extraction and superior juice selection, Mod Sélection distinguishes itself from the overtly autolytic characteristics of many...

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Drink in Absolut Fashion this Fall

Being an adult means that you get to mingle while sipping on an alcoholic beverage. Absolut Elyx is here to provide you with some amazing cocktails full of flavor. With Absolut Elyx, you can sip on a delicious drink while knowing that you are supporting a company that strives to embody hospitality, integrity, warmth, playfulness and style. So whether you are hosting or just socializing with your friends, you will be covered. This fall, you can try out some of Absolut Elyx’s amazing drinks: Fall in Luxe, Garden of Elyx and Raspberry Mule. These recipes are sure to wow...

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Winemaker Fintan du Fresne

A Rosé is a Rosé is a Rosé. C’est pas vrai! Throughout the summer months and rolling into the fall I’ve had the opportunity to sip on a glass of Rosé or two. By chance I stumbled upon a refreshing young brand of Rosé developed by Malene Wines. Don’t let my “young” reference fool you. Their 2016 Rosé debut was the inaugural vintage of Malene Rosé, a Provence-style Rosé made from carefully selected fruit from specific sites in the California Central Coast regions of Santa Barbara and Paso Robles. It was made from 44-year old vines and cultivated by...

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Celebrate the Holidays with Chandon

While up in the culinary town of Yountville in Napa Valley, I met Pauline Lhote, one of the top California winemakers and Director of Winemaking at Domaine Chandon. She and her team are excited to debut two new festive, limited-edition Brut bottles – one in silver and gold and the other in hot pink and gold. JW: These new bottles are so pretty and perfect for the holidays. Was that your plan? CHANDON: The Chandon Brut enhances a tablescape for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebration. It’s elegant gold foil neck and effervescent label takes any holiday gathering to a new...

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Ovolo Woolloomooloo Brings Plant-Based High Tea to Sydney

Alibi, the pioneering cocktail bar and plant-based restaurant at Ovolo Woolloomooloo hotel in Sydney, has introduced a brand-new entirely plant-based high tea for hotel guests and locals alike, with the option to pair with Perrier-Jouët Champagne. Overseen by US chef, restaurateur and global plant-based dining pioneer, Matthew Kenney, in close consultation with Alibi’s head chef, Michael Nicolaou, the new high tea combines classical and innovative cooking techniques to give locally sourced plant-based ingredients a creative makeover. “Plant-based is in complete harmony with a sustainable planet and is also – when in the hands of the right chefs – the most exciting food...

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Sombra Mezcal Announces 12 Bartender Finalists of Its First-Ever Sustainable Virtual Cocktail Competition Judged by Trash Tiki

Sombra Mezcal, a spirit distilled to sustain the land and the people of Oaxaca, announces the 12 finalists of its first-ever sustainable cocktail competition, “Shake and Stir to Sustain the Land and the People,” judged by Trash Tiki. Sombra Mezcal sets the highest standards for eco-friendly production at its palenque in Oaxaca to ensure consistent quality and innovation from the fields to the bottle. More than 100 bartenders from across the U.S. submitted cocktail recipes showcasing Sombra Mezcal with at least two demonstrably sustainable ingredients. They included vegetable tops and tails, fruit pits, nutshells, herb stems and onion skin ash. Sombra Mezcal collaborated with...

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QT Perth Unveils Late-Night Rooftop Hot Spot

The Rooftop at QT – QT Perth’s hotly anticipated rooftop bar sitting on the 18th floor of Perth’s newest design hotel with sweeping views of the cityscape and surrounding natural beauty – is now open late, seven days a week. Hosting up to 200 guests, the split indoor/outdoor space has been thoughtfully designed by QT’s longstanding Public Space Designer, Nic Graham, featuring an iconic West Australia palette, energetic décor and hand-painted artwork depicting cocktail culture, with a musical soundtrack curated by QT’s Creative Music Director, Andrew Lewis. The Rooftop at QT is also available for private events. The creative...

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Beyond Sushi: How to Enjoy Sake at Home

Sake, made from fermented rice, is an up-and-comer in the world of wine and spirits, and Americans consume about 35 percent of all sake exported from Japan, according to John Gauntner’s Sake World. Often remembered as that simple, warm drink consumed exclusively at sushi bars and Japanese restaurants, it’s sometimes notorious for its associations with sake-bomb-induced debauchery. To gain a better understanding of this complex beverage, here are five common sake myths — debunked! 2. Sake is Served Hot. False! Sake was originally served warm in order to mask certain off-putting flavors present prior to the rise of premium...

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Fall Cocktails from FOS Greek Mastiha 

While we broke out the pumpkin spice everything on the first day of September, we’ve been holding off on the autumn cocktails until it was official. Now that fall is in full swing we’re featuring these cocktails made with the sweet and herbal acclaimed FOS Greek Mastiha (now available nationwide) will make you want to grab your coziest blanket get out your pumpkin carving tools. Before we get to the cocktail recipes let’s look at the history of Mastiha. What is Mastiha? The Mastiha tree is a small evergreen shrub, also known as a “lentisk,” with a life span of more...

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