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6 Tips for Luxury Travel with Your Dog

When you imagine traveling with your pet, you may worry you’ll be stuck in budget accommodation or limited to driving. However, the world is becoming more dog-friendly, and places where you couldn’t usually take pets, are now becoming more accepting of canine companions. Here are some tips to help you travel in style while still keeping your furry friend by your side. 1. Check your airline’s policy Traditionally, traveling with your dog on a plane has meant your poor pooch has to be put in the cargo hold unless you can register them as an emotional support animal. However,...

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Pampered Pooch at Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

Visiting Los Angeles with your four legged friend can be expensive with deposit and pet fees. At the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, west of Downtown Los Angeles and in-between Beverly Hills and Hollywood, the ten story hotel allows well behaved pets to stay for free with no additional charge or deposit taken at reservation or check-in. While humans receive a glass of champagne upon arrival, dogs are welcomed at the front desk and receive treats from the concierge desk. Popular pet-friendly rooms are the luxury patio rooms offering a spacious outdoor patio and seating area. While humans sleep...

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Summer “Pet-iquette”

Written by Randi Winter, Edited by Christine Sallas Summer means travel for most families, by air, land, or sea. The least stressful vacations are usually the ones where you have all aspects covered for each of the passengers. Many families have four-legged pets that may have never travelled farther than the grocery store or family cottage. Once you are outside of your own home, there is a whole list of other criteria to consider. Of course, all the same precautions and preparations apply if you are moving long distances. Just ask Luxe Beat Magazine Publisher, Sherrie Wilkolaski, who picked...

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Ovolo Hotels Introduces New “V.I.Pooch” Pet-Friendly Program

Ovolo Hotels, the independent, design-led hotel collection in Hong Kong and Australia, has launched a brand-new V.I.Pooch program to welcome its furriest guests in style. With the new V.I.Pooch initiative, each of Ovolo Hotels’ two properties in Hong Kong and six properties in Australia will offer pet-friendly rooms decked out with a plush dog bed, a no-mess eating and drinking mat and separate food and water bowls. And while human guests of Ovolo can enjoy the hotels’ signature Loot Bags full of snacks, V.I.Pooch’s get their own designer ‘Doggy Bags’ containing woof-worthy dog toys, healthy dog snacks and handy...

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10 Of The Most Dog-Friendly Cities To Pamper Your Pup In The UK

There’s certainly a growing trend taking hold of the UK when it comes to pampering our beloved pooches but which are the best cities? Whether you’re treating your terrier or spoiling your spaniel, we have put together a study that looks at the best cities around Britan for pampering your four-legged friend. reveals the best locations for your four-legged furry pooch to be pampered. The research analyses the number of dog salons training centres, kennels, vets and parks relative to the population of the city. Nottingham tops the UK list while across the pond in the US, Long Beach,...

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Silvercar by Audi Provides Stress-Free Travel For Dog Owners During The Holiday Season

Leaving your best friend behind is not an option. Next-generation premium car rental company Silvercar by Audi is ready to reduce the stress of traveling with pets and cater to canines by offering new, premium dog car seat covers at select locations to include in their silver Audi A4 or Audi Q5, beginning November 15. When traveling, pet owners are often left to choose between leaving their furry friends at home and paying for a pet sitter or looking for alternative modes of transportation or lodging to make sure their pets can travel with them. Just in time for the...

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Boutique Luxury Cat Hotel & Resort, No Dogs Allowed

Luxury boutique hotels are not just for humans. Pets have luxury options too! Luxury boutique hotels for pets are popping up everywhere. Pet hotels offering single rooms, suites and spa services can be found tucked away in the finest of neighborhoods. Pets are pampered while their owners are on holiday and pet parents have peace of mind knowing their little ones are well cared for. For a feline-centric family, sharing digs with the canine-type may not be appropriate. Cat-only luxury boutique hotels are the purrfect solution. Cat lovers in Orange County, California will soon have an alternative to dropping...

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Luxe Pets: Six Ways to Spoil Your Furry Friends

Looking for gifts for your furry friends this year?  Here are six great picks to keep man’s best friend happy and healthy: Moshiqa Pet Accessories  Celebs go crazy over these posh accessories, with John Legend and Chrissy Teagan’s dog Pippa wearing the pearl necklace on their last trip to New York City.The line is made up of luxe bathrobes, towels, clothing, travel bags, pet passports, luxe leashes, collars and harnesses. Functionality and style, all wrapped up in one.   Other celebrities that dig the on-trend looks for their puppies: Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga, Demi Moore and Miranda Kirr.  ...

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