Silvercar by Audi Provides Stress-Free Travel For Dog Owners During The Holiday Season

Leaving your best friend behind is not an option. Next-generation premium car rental company Silvercar by Audi is ready to reduce the stress of traveling with pets and cater to canines by offering new, premium dog car seat covers at select locations to include in their silver Audi A4 or Audi Q5, beginning November 15. When traveling, pet owners are often left to choose between leaving their furry friends at home and paying for a pet sitter or looking for alternative modes of transportation or lodging to make sure their pets can travel with them. Just in time for the...

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Boutique Luxury Cat Hotel & Resort, No Dogs Allowed

Luxury boutique hotels are not just for humans. Pets have luxury options too! Luxury boutique hotels for pets are popping up everywhere. Pet hotels offering single rooms, suites and spa services can be found tucked away in the finest of neighborhoods. Pets are pampered while their owners are on holiday and pet parents have peace of mind knowing their little ones are well cared for. For a feline-centric family, sharing digs with the canine-type may not be appropriate. Cat-only luxury boutique hotels are the purrfect solution. Cat lovers in Orange County, California will soon have an alternative to dropping...

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