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Pacha Mamas

As Virtuoso Travel Consultant, Speaker, and International Event Planner & Fundraising Specialist, I have had the privilege of travelling to some of the most magical and mystical places around the globe. Each has its own beauty, charm and spirit. When I plan any trip for my clients I use my own experiences and global connections to create memorable and unique itineraries. Through my years of travel, I have seen some awe inspiring scenery and met interesting people, however, some trips remain with me longer and touch me deeper than others. My recent journey throughout South America has proven to...

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Interview with French Master Chef Hervé Laurent

During 1996, I was fortunate to meet French Master Chef Hervé Laurent, while attending a class at Le Cordon Bleu in London with my good friend Brenda Hill. We were so impressed with his teaching skills, methods, and personality, that we developed and maintained a friendship, featured him in our first book, Our Love Affairs with Food & Travel, and then worked with him on a book of tips, Cooking Secrets, The Why and How… As we watched Hervé advance from Le Cordon Bleu to the Paul Bocuse Institute of Culinary Arts to having his own successful school in...

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