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2015 Top 10 Luxury Grills and Smokers

By Max Good, Director of Equipment Reviews & Keeper of the Flame, Note: We rate and review as objectively as possible, measuring temperatures, slamming lids, turning dials, studying warranties, and kicking casters, but inevitably intangibles such as look and feel have to be considered. We consider them among the best of breed in the wide world of luxury priced cookers. They are listed in order of manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), but actual prices can differ particularly since many of these items are often highly customized. Please click the links to read our complete detailed review and find...

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An $18,000 Airbnb Weekend Stay

By Dr. Rosanna Garcia I recently booked through Airbnb a stay at a lovely home in Leuven, Belgiuim, for the end of May. The simplicity and quaintness of the room reminds me of Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles.  Besides its charm, I chose this room because previous guests had described their stay as ‘amazing’, ‘magnificent’, and ‘excellent’.  The last Airbnb guest wrote that it was a ‘pleasure to sit down and get to know [the hosts] a bit better over some wine and snacks.’ It’s the locals you meet through home sharing that adds to the foreign travel experience....

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New technologies help realise Vineyard of Future

By Nick Carne SOUTH Australia’s vision of a “vineyard of the future” is already producing results for the vineyards of today. University of Adelaide researchers with combined expertise in engineering and plant biology have developed three new techniques for monitoring grape and vine performance, with others in the pipeline. The first – an iPhone app to measure canopy growth – is being beta tested by a leading wine company prior to being released through iTunes. The second is a new way of measuring vine water status using near-infrared spectroscopy (wave lengths above our visual range). The aim is a...

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Personalized Services in Travel’s Future

The most coveted time of the year is finally underway. As the weather has warmed and the sun has come out, luxury travel lovers have been fantasizing about all of the enthralling destinations they will visit this season, prepping their itineraries and their wardrobes., an international travel comparison search site, took travelers’ imaginations to new heights by publishing a report on what they deem to be the future of travel in 2024. To no surprise, Skyscanner said that within 10 years, technology and personalization will advance our travel experiences by reinventing customer service. However, how will hotels and...

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Expansion Persists for ‘Soothe’ Mobile Massage-On-Demand

We’ve all had them. Those days that start off perfectly fine and then take a hard left turn onto the stress superhighway.  On these rough days in particular, there’s nothing like a relaxing massage to calm your nerves and alleviate anxiety. But, all too often we don’t know in advance we’re going to have a “bad day” and, thus, didn’t have the foresight to make a therapeutic massage appointment at the spa, which is surely booked solid weeks in advance. Indeed, unless you’d thought to book an appointment well ahead of time, that post-workday or workout massage is going...

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Smartphones and Tablets Top the List of Vacation ​Essentials for the New “Digital Elite”

Survey reveals over 60 percent use their mobile device as much or more on vacation than at home. The growing use of mobile technology when planning travel has spawned a new class of traveler – the Digital Elite – those who own and use two different mobile devices: smartphones and tablets. And this Digital Elite group of travelers is growing faster and spending more on vacations than less-connected travelers. These insights come from the just-released 2014 Portrait of Digital Travelers™, authored by travel and hospitality marketing communications firm MMGY Global, a national survey of the travel habits, preferences and...

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Chinese Automaker Unveils Unmanned Concept Car

Chinese Automaker Unveils Unmanned Concept Car Chinese automaker Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor CO., LTD (GACM), which manufacturers and markets passenger cars under the Trumpchi brand (including the Trumpchi E-Jet plugin and other vehicles from the line featured in the Hollywood blockbuster movie “Transformers: Age of Extinction”), unveiled its highly anticipated new unmanned concept car, the “WITSTAR,” at the preeminent North American International Auto Show held in Detroit during a press conference held on January 12th, 2015. The company concurrently revealed its new fuel efficient SUV, the GS4, along with an overview of its global strategy “designed to further elevate...

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Skoop! Mobile Technology

Mobile phones are the final frontier, they can do virtually anything. The term “smart phone” is a misnomer because it’s not really the phone that is smart, it is the genius of developers behind the technology. The phone is the conduit for what is even more brilliant, the apps that run on these hand-held devices. Yes, you can make calls on it, or use it as a flashlight or a magnifying glass, those everyday tools we need to get through the day. They also keep us connected via social media and help us with applications to buy music or...

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Techie Trek To Palo Alto

Silicon Valley is the hub for business on the West Coast, so it’s no surprise that travel to the area is booming.  While much business travel is pretty mundane, it doesn’t have to be.  When you want to add a little pizzazz to your trip, Palo Alto is the place to do it. In the heart of the action, Palo Alto is the ideal hub, whether your business takes you to LinkedIn, Google, Facebook or the thousands of tech companies that dot the San Francisco hills. While most business travelers are members of a car rental company’s frequent renter...

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Social Shopping: the new mall

Remember Aqua Netting your hair up to hit the mall with your best friends? The mall was the place to be if you were anybody 20+ years ago. But in the 2010s, cruising the mall is sooooo last century. Since the vast majority of communication takes place online, it was only a matter of time before shopping followed suit. Thanks to Amazon, we can order anything our hearts desire without leaving the couch and our smartphone. Now, trips to the mall with your BFF have been replaced with online “shopping communities” where fashionistas the world over can dish on the...

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How & Where iPhone Is Made: Comparison Of Apple’s Manufacturing Process

Article By Alex Hillsberg republished with permission. We call it the iPhone Saga, how Apple has perfected the art of juggling the global supply chain, its nose locked on where on earth to get suppliers that can offer the most efficient and best value parts under Apple’s strict quality benchmark. This infographic comes on the heels of our editorial team’s past effort to follow the iPhone supply chain and what it means to American manufacturing. The latest story is about the iPhone 6 using glass and not the rumored sapphire crystal. But the story is more than just the...

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Gen XY: The Middle Sister of Gens X, Y

Generations. We have The Greatest Generation, The Boomer Generation, Gen X and Gen Y. We’ve come to see these various generations “diss” each other regularly, each saying something similar to, “Well, back in my day… I had to walk uphill both ways to get to and from school.” As of late, there has been an escalating battle between Gen Xers and Gen Y, “millennials” as we’ve grown to call them. They bitch and moan about how each of their respective generations has it so rough. “We have to live at home because we can’t find jobs,” Gen Y moans....

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