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Venetian Gondola Ride In Channel Islands Marina

We arrived at the public dock of Channel Islands Harbor Marina in Oxnard, California, and I stepped aboard my personal yacht. It was mine for about ninety minutes – a flat-bottomed, black Venetian rowing boat look-alike, complete with gondolier who wore a traditional blue-striped shirt. Shortly, a bottle of locally produced Ventura red wine appeared, and a box of pizza from Fresco II on the wharf. Lunch while on a row around the canal to tour the rich abodes, and possibly famous ones of the area. My gondolier was Mark Schooling, owner of Gondola Paradiso, and nearly a twenty-year...

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The Triton, Micronautix’s Luxury Aircraft Masterpiece

Say Goodbye to First Class and Hello to Panoramic Views and Stellar Accommodations During the golden age of commercial flight in the 1960’s, airline travel was a luxury in itself. Surrounded by beautiful blonde waitresses, well-off clientele dressed professionally and enjoyed top-shelf drinks, plus an experience not offered elsewhere. However, the 2000s have been cruel to the extravagance of commercial airline travel. Instead, we are shoved into sardine-sized cabins next to strangers in sweatpants, our elbows banged by passing carts serving tap water. With the unveiling of the Triton, a luxury aircraft concept designed by Micronautix, a Templeton, California-based...

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A Racing Dream Realized at the Indianapolis 500

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been captivated by cars. Seemingly born with my hands at ten and two, I started driving on dirt roads when I was seven-years old. My first car came at the age of thirteen–a classic, mint condition ’66 Mustang. That’s also the age I discovered my lead foot. A simple turn of the key and the rumble of the 289 V-8 engine left me feeling euphoric. During the late ‘80s there was no Danica Patrick for inspiration, thus my dream of becoming a professional race car driver faded, while more practical occupations took...

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Victura: the Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea

Victura: the Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea by James W. Graham Book Excerpt: Chapter 1 Metaphor for Life The day before he died President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, arrived at the Rice Hotel in Houston, Texas, taking a room freshly remodeled for their short stay. They had three and a half hours to rest and dine together before heading out for two evening appearances and the day’s end. Jack, sitting in a rocking chair, wearing just his shorts, worked on a speech and doodled on a sheet of hotel notepaper. Later, their public obligations satisfied,...

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Crystal Sails Into Asia

Combining the incredible luxury of Crystal Cruises’ impeccable service, superb dining and enrichment experiences of all kinds – with Asia is a recipe for enchantment. The Crystal Experience has been rated World’s Best more than any other cruise line, hotel, or resort in history, and there’s a reason for that. From the outstanding appointments in staterooms and suites to the near telepathic, warm service, Crystal provides stimulation and cosseting in such measure that it’s a very hard act to follow. The line is substantially expanding its presence in Asia next year, bringing both the 922-passenger Crystal Symphony and the...

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Amazon Luxury Yacht Fishing Expedition

By Larry Larsen Few travelers have heard of the Rio Negro, which flows southeast a short distance along the Venezuela and Colombia border and then winds its way through the Brazilian state of Amazonas; it meets up with the also little-know Rio Solimoes to form the mighty and renown Amazon River. What many people don’t realize is that both rivers are larger than the Mississippi. Their conjunction is near Manaus, the gateway city to the Amazon Basin, about the same size as Houston, the fourth largest city in the U.S. Despite the sizes of the rivers – the basin...

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