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6 Tips for Luxury Travel with Your Dog

When you imagine traveling with your pet, you may worry you’ll be stuck in budget accommodation or limited to driving. However, the world is becoming more dog-friendly, and places where you couldn’t usually take pets, are now becoming more accepting of canine companions. Here are some tips to help you travel in style while still keeping your furry friend by your side. 1. Check your airline’s policy Traditionally, traveling with your dog on a plane has meant your poor pooch has to be put in the cargo hold unless you can register them as an emotional support animal. However,...

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NEW Budapest to Prague Private Train Tour Unveiled

There is a NEW private train journey being offered by MIR Corporation. Guests will enjoy the pleasures of Old World rail travel aboard the luxurious Golden Eagle Danube Express from Budapest to Prague. On the way, they’ll stop in Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, to admire the imposing Bratislava Castle, explore Vienna’s historic center, visit Krakow, tour four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and end the tour at a 5-star hotel in Prague. This Budapest to Prague private train tour is scheduled for July 5-12, 2020. Prices range from $6,895 to $21,995 per person. For more info, visit Days 1-3: Budapest, Hungary •...

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Luxury Trans-Siberian railway trip by IMPERIAL RUSSIA Train

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world and is one of the best ways to explore Russia and Asia. The epic Trans-Siberian railway journey takes you to some of the most remote parts of Russia, Mongolia, and China. You can watch the countries unfold right through the window of your comfortable train cabin. You will get a feeling of Russian, Mongolian and Chinese cultures and spirit, see the mysterious Urals, Lake Baikal, unbelievable Ulaanbaatar, and ancient Chinese provinces. On top of that, the travelers have a unique chance to enjoy spectacular Russian nature: its beautiful lakes...

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Napa Valley Wine Train Announces New Tequila Train

The Napa Valley Wine Train, an engaging and memorable experience that echoes the glory days of train travel, is pleased to announce the newest addition to the collection of experiences, the Tequila Train, kicking off on Cinco de Mayo in partnership with Casa Dragones.  Additionally, the Napa Valley Wine Train is pleased to present the lineup for their Meet the Maker Private Reserve Dinner series as well as the Blue Note Express Music & Dinner Train. Slated to begin with the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the Tequila Train will be launching on May 5 with its first partnership with Casa Dragones,...

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Golden Eagle Luxury Trains Introduces the Romanov Suite Private Carriage

It’s not just royalty that can command their own private railway carriages. Now, Golden Eagle Luxury Trains is raising the luxury train travel bar still further on its Trans-Siberian journeys and introducing the Romanov Suite onboard the private Golden Eagle train – an entire private carriage with its own kitchen, chef and personal guide. Privacy comes at a price though: $122,376 for full carriage hire. With all its best compartments – the sumptuous Imperial Suites – currently a sell out for the year ahead, these VIP Suites have been introduced to meet the demand for high-quality rail accommodation. The exclusive Suite, which...

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Worlds’s 12 Most Amazing Rail Journeys

It’s easy to take our local train services for granted, yet rail travel has historically been connected with ideas of adventure and destiny. Hurtling along at 100 km/hr with cinematic scenes unfolding whilst safe in your seat, travelling by train can be a truly exciting venture. The glamour may be lost on the 8:05am to Peckham, but the variety of rail adventures to be had around the world is truly inspiring. From luxurious kangaroo fillet and boutique beer on the two-day Adelaide-Darwin run, to cruising to the Himalayas on India’s gritty Kalka-Shimla ‘toy train’. There’s something to please both...

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A Scenic Trip on the Verde Canyon Railroad

I have traveled First Class on a plane exactly once, but it was the experience of a lifetime. Who knew airline seats could be so big and cushy? And that First Class passengers get much better food than the peons in the back? Aaah…that was the life and I have been hoping to be upgraded to First Class ever since. In the meantime, my husband and I recently found that First Class on a train trip is pretty fabulous as well. Heading to Arizona to explore the state in order to write several articles, I found information about a...

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The Highlands Aboard the Royal Scotsman

The Scottish Highlands are a literary landscape full of tales of bravery and bravado, which I had been longing to visit. But since I lack the bravery and bravado to drive a rental car on the left side of the road, I needed another option. That’s how I found myself aboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman for a five-day luxury train trip through the land of Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott. The nine-car passenger train holds just 36 passengers, and is part of the old Orient Express group. (The Orient Express company, which includes hotels and river cruises, recently...

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Amour Aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train

The Napa Valley Wine Train isn’t so much a mode of transportation but rather a time machine transporting passengers back to an era when the journey was as scintillating as the destination, itself. Particularly well-suited for couples seeking quality together time, this excursion offers an elegant sojourn through the heart of Napa Valley in a refined, history-rich atmosphere befitting the lush countryside through which it passes. Duly complementing the drop-dead gorgeous vistas are gourmet victuals and varietals-a-plenty. Having been aboard with my own loved one, I dare say the Napa Valley Wine Train is among the most romantic experiences...

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The Rocky Mountaineer: A Train to the Sublime

Sometimes a train trip is more than transportation from Point A to Point B. My journey from Banff to Vancouver on the Rocky Mountaineer’s westbound route was be a sublime 594-mile traverse – all in daylight – across Canada’s majestic Rocky Mountains. Prior to the train adventure, I stayed, as many passengers do, at the baronial Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, known as “The Castle in the Rockies.” The hotel was built in a spectacular Rocky Mountain setting between the spring of 1887 and the spring of 1888 by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Over the years, it has been expanded,...

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