Modern Luxury to Relaunch Scottsdale Magazine

Lifestyle publisher Modern Luxury is redesigning, reinvigorating, and relaunching the new Scottsdale Magazine. We were invited to attend one of the relaunch events  for a fashion-forward culinary journey, combining diverse couture by Neiman Marcus and cocktails accompanied by delectable bites by T. Cook’s at the Royal Palms Resort & Spa. The relaunced T.Cook’s, with its new Mix Up Bar, provided a perfect combination for this captivating evening. Elegance encompassed the surroundings, with hues of purple, deep blues, and jewel tones dominating the evening dresses. Black, white, gold and silver did accent the jewels. This season is displaying many high...

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Oregon Truffle Festival, Dogs, Growers, and Gourmands and Recipe

Since 2009, I’ve seen press releases on the Oregon Truffle Festival (OTF), held every January.  This year it is January 24-26th. OTF has always been of interest, as I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate truffles. After getting my down coat and pants for the holidays, I was able to cover “The Culinarian Experience” track at OTF in Eugene, Oregon in 2013 and highly recommend it for 2014 truffle lovers. While a gourmet experience was expected, the opportunity of my meeting growers, owners and trainers of truffle dogs, research scientists, and worldwide truffle experts provided an exceptional weekend. The majority of...

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Last Minute Gourmet Christmas Dinner Menu

Includes video instruction for each recipe. Last year my Christmas wish was to spend at least one month in France in the new year, just to enjoy the lifestyle.  After ringing in the New Year and didn’t give it considerable thought as I made my months went from winter to spring.  In mid-summer, much to my surprise, I received an invite from Chef Katherine Frelon to attend her cookery school in the Burgundy region of France at La Ferme de La Lochere in late August.  It was my Christmas in July!  The incredible French countryside adventure I had been...

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Tuscon’s Canyon Ranch, Like Fine Wine, Just Gets Better With Age

Last week, I visited Canyon Ranch in Tucson for my third time in about 20 years, accompanied by my rather stressed-out friend, Joan, who was a newbie there.  One afternoon, as I was “mindfully” eating my delish lunch (that included healthier-versions of fish tacos heaped with salsa and shredded cabbage, a cup of aromatically-spiced dal soup, minty zucchini feta pancakes and a frozen chocolate-dipped banana for dessert, which to my way of thinking was all guilt-free all since I had just returned from a pretty steep 5.5 mile mountain hike) while sprawled on a poolside lounge chair, I picked...

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