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VieVité Côtes de Provence Rosé to Debut New 2017 Vintage

Though traditionally rosé brands introduce their latest vintage during the month of March, VieVité Côtes de Provence Rosé is excited to introduce the 2017 vintage, which has already reached the U.S. and is in the process of being rolled out throughout the country. VieVité, which is one of the first true Côtes de Provence rosés and currently among the top five selling brands in the rosé category, has become known over the past few years as being among the first to bring its latest vintage to market. “Changes in the climate and an earlier spring than average, has pushed...

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California Eco-Friendly Winery Events For Earth Month in April

Eco-conscious consumers have many ways to celebrate with sustainably produced wines during California’s 6th Annual Down to Earth Month in April. California wineries will be offering dozens of sustainability-focused events and activities throughout the month from Earth Day wine festivals, farm-to-glass tours and walks with the winemaker to vineyard hikes, VIP eco-tours and more. Created by Wine Institute — the association of nearly 1,000 California wineries and affiliated businesses — Down to Earth Month raises awareness about the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) Sustainable Winegrowing Program, one of the most comprehensive and widely adopted in the world, involving vineyards that grow 70 percent...

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Five Elegant Chardonnay Wines from Santa Barbara

  “Chardonnay wine is the superstar in Santa Barbara, one of the most diverse regions to produce some of the best grapes in the world,” said moderator Elaine C. Brown at the Santa Barbara Vintners Road Trip Chardonnay seminar. “The wine region is located along the coastal range of North and South America. The transverse mountain range turns fully from a north-south orientation to an east-west angle. It’s the only wine region bordering the Pacific Ocean on two sides. Clouds roll over the top of the mountains with an ocean influence.” It’s this nook with a turn in the...

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Luxurious Wines in Napa Valley: Classic Meets Modern at Hourglass Wines

As one of the premiere wine destinations in the world, Napa Valley has no shortage of excellent wineries. Besides its place as a wine and culinary mecca, it’s first and foremost a land of incredible natural beauty. The valley that extends from the town of Napa in the south to Calistoga, the narrowest point at the north, enjoys a perfect combination of warm daytime temperatures and very cool, foggy nights thanks to the valley’s proximity to the Bay Area. Add to that Mediterranean climate the rich, diverse soils of Napa Valley, and it’s no surprise that you’d be hard pressed to...

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Winemaking De-mystified at Beneduce Vineyards

A wine connoisseur I am not, but I’ve definitely made an effort to visit local wineries, whether I’m in San Gimignano or Seneca Lake for the weekend. This has been especially true for the wineries that are in my New Jersey backyard; these include the Four Sisters Winery in Belvidere, Cape May Winery in Cape May and Amalthea Cellars in the Atco section of Waterford Township. One thing I have noticed is that in the United States, wine isn’t for kids. This doesn’t come as a real shock. In America, wine isn’t a part of our daily lives. Instead, we sip...

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Cassis Monna and Filles: Black Currant Wines of Québec

Crème de cassis, a sweet red liqueur made from black currants, has traditionally been a Burgundy specialty. Popular throughout Europe for use in cocktails and as an after-dinner liqueur, as well as the favorite drink of Agatha Christie’s fictional detective Hercule Poirot, crème de cassis is also quite popular in Québec. On a recent visit to Île d’Orléans, an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River just a few minutes from downtown Québec City, I discovered Cassis Monna & Filles, a boutique liquoriste that makes the crème de cassis along with three aperitif black currant wines and...

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Russian River Valley Vintner Mike Sullivan

Sonoma County is famous for its wine, and that’s no surprise as it boasts acres of vineyards and hundreds of wineries. Among these is the Benovia Winery. With estate vineyards not only in Sonoma County, but also Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley, Benovia Winery is responsible for creating small lot wines, specifically Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Zinfandel. Enter vintner Mike Sullivan. The son of grape growers, he’s very comfortable in the vineyard, where he started working at the age of 18. Then, after pursuing a degree in fermentation science, he discovered his passion for the craft. Today, he...

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Fabio Viviani’s Elegant Food and Wine

Have you ever had a good bottle of wine and wondered what type of dish to serve with it? Fabio Viviani’s goal is to simplify the pairing of wine and food, by providing east to follow recipes with his own wine collection. Brilliant! The charismatic Italian chef Fabio Viviani is a familiar face to many people, based on his multiple appearances on Bravo’s hit reality series “Top Chef.” Viviani easily earned the “Fan Favorite” title on Season 5 for his good looks and likable personality. After his on-screen appearances, he soon became one of the fastest growing household names in...

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Luxe Beat Magazine’s Favorite Wineries

Who doesn’t love a fine wine? From California to North Carolina, here are some of our favorite places that produce the best wines. 1. ZIOBAFFA “Handmade by artisans with a focus on traditional production, ZIOBAFFA wine is crafted in quality, authenticity and detail. With a focus on sustainable, zero waste production and environmentally friendly bottling, including the innovative Helix re-usable cork closure, these wines are a modern take on an old world tradition.” -Sherrie Wilkolaski. Full article here… 2. Lula Cellars “Lula Cellars is an exclusive, limited production winery in Mendocino County’s Anderson Valley. The wines at Lula Cellars are limited...

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Viva Diva Wines Mango BBQ Marinade

Viva Diva Wines has created a delicious Mango BBQ Marinade to spice up your regular grilled chicken breast. This recipe is the perfect dish to serve for you and all of your guests this summer. Christina Milian, the wildly talented singer, actress and entrepreneur, owns Viva Diva Wines along with her Mother/manger, Carmen Milian and publicist, Robyn Santiago. These three female owners have taken Viva Diva Wines to incredible heights and national levels. The wines are affordable and tasty, and the fruit infused Mocasto’s (as seen in this recipe) allow the customer to prove their inner diva. With Viva...

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In California, The Best of “America’s Grape”

Every wine name makes us think of a place. Riesling? Germany. Albarino? Spain. Chianti? Tuscany. Zinfandel? California. In fact, Zinfandel has been called America’s grape, because it was long assumed that it was found only in the United States. Although DNA tests have confirmed that it is actually crljenak kastelanski, a Croatian grape, Zinfandel has thrived in the U.S. and is now one of California’s best known wines. Despite any association with the sweet white zins made popular in the late 1970s, Zinfandel grapes can create complex wines that any wine lover should take note of. In California, Zinfandel thrives in the warm, dry climate...

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Holiday Tips for Gifting and Pairing Wines

By Paula Moulton With the holidays right around the corner, some of us are asking the question: How the heck do I pick up a great wine? Tips for Gifting Wine: Be Adventurous: Dare to be different and pick your wine based on the beauty of its label as long as it fits in with your price range. You may be surprised to learn that wine labels oftentimes reflect the personality of the wine in the bottle so perhaps your eye will be your trainer for the evening. Don’t Forget to Share: Wine is about sharing, so bring the...

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