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Death of the 100-Point Wine Scale?

Perhaps it is “time.” Rather, it is time. As many traditional tyrannies go, quite crudely I might add, there is a so-called revolutionary changing of the guard (violent or otherwise), followed by a celebrated rise and initial rule where everyman is held as the victor (by the rulers and everyman alike). Then, there is a lull, where complacency has set in but favor begins to waver. This is followed by a volatile period when rule is questioned, but time-and-again re-established by brute force or sheer power. Finally, a new age cued to by a bang (overthrow) or a whimper. In...

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Chateau Ste Michelle Culinary Director John Sarich

Washington State has so many well-known wineries; it is a challenge as to which one to visit. One we knew we were intent on visiting while in the Woodinville area was Chateau Ste Michelle.We were fortunate to have Culinary Director, John Sarich, lead a tour of the Chateau. After discovering all this wonderful winery has to offer, we enjoyed a wine pairing, prepared especially for our International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association group.John feels fortunate he has access to world-class wines and fresh foods and says, “Not only do we have an outstanding variety of ingredients from the...

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Luxe Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona can claim to have it all: premium wines, extraordinary restaurants, an alluring climate, inspiring architecture, a multitude of beaches and excellent shopping. There’s several ways to experience Barcelona and its abundant choices.  It’s my take that the luxury route is the best one. Barcelona is known as one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, and for good reason. With a bit of planning and a few days to soak in its stunning diversity, this is the place to be to experience wild and wonderful architecture, world class museums and galleries, high-end lodging and impressive shops, wines and cultural...

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Romantic Getaway in Burgundy France

Move over Paris, Burgundy has stolen my heart. France is for lovers and if your thoughts of a stroll along the Seine leave you daydreaming for romance, let your mind wander to the French countryside. Not sure where to settle your thoughts? Let me give you a nudge in the right direction. Make your way to Chef Katherine Frelon’s La Ferme de La Lochere gourmet culinary getaway, and you’ll enjoy a week of intimate and delicious delights. Your romantic escape starts as you board an express train from Gare de Lyon in Paris to Montbard station. The complexities of...

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Georg Riedel and Angelo Gaja: An Interview with Visionaries

Every wine enthusiast is familiar with Riedel Glass and lovers of fine Italian wines know Gaja Winery. I recently attended a wine tasting hosted by these two industry greats and had an opportunity to sit down with the owners of both companies–Georg Riedel and Angelo Gaja. The once-in-a-lifetime experience was pure pleasure as I listened to the stories of these two visionaries. When I met the two men–the calm, mild-mannered Austrian Riedel and the energetic, ever-moving Italian Gaja–I immediately felt as if I was the center of their universe. The two had an easy banter back and forth that...

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