Today is National Wine Day and we’re highlighting some of our favorite wines, oenophiles, and artists in the vino community. Raise a glass and celebrate. Cheers!

Pavo Real

Pavo Real wine has recently launched its decadent Mexican wine collection in the United States bringing Mexican wines north of the Guadalupe River for the first time in history.

Pavo Real Wine

Pavo Real wines are cultivated in Valle De Guadalupe, part of Pernod Ricard Mexico. A plentiful and exceptional viticulture region, wines have been cultivated in Mexico since the Spanish first arrived in the 16th century. Until now, these wines have been enjoyed within Mexican borders but Vides de Guadalupe Domecq has just recently brought the unique Mexican experience North of the Guadalupe River for the first time.

“Mexican wines are the next trending alcohol beverage, in conjunction with high-end Mexican eateries”, says founder Elliott Sutton. “It is my passion to bring Mexican wine to the forefront of American wine consumption and to provide an everyday priced wine to go along with the proliferation of Mexican restaurants these past few years.”

Pava Real Wine

Both the red and white wines are blended by prestigious and internationally recognized sommelier, Ian Cauble. Ian Cauble has been a Master Sommelier since 2012 and gained worldwide recognition when featured in the critically acclaimed documentary Somm, which documented Ian’s journey to pass the infamously difficult Master Sommelier exam.

Signature Ingredients:

White Blend: Comprised of 45% Sauvignon Blanc, 45% Chenin Blanc and 10% Chardonnay

Red Blend: Comprised of 50% Grenache, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Ruby Cabernet and 10% Barbera

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True Myth

San Luis Obispo’s Edna Valley in the Central Coast of California in San Luis Obispo County has several fine wineries and True Myth 2014 Chardonnay is a delightful find from one of the Niven Family vineyards. I recently had the pleasure of tasting and enjoying the 2014 Chardonnay from Paragon Vineyard.

Independence Schoolhouse

The winemaker is Christian Roguenant and The Niven Family has pioneered this Edna Valley AVA for more than forty years. The 2014 Chardonnay is rich, fruity, smooth and balanced and was fermented 50% in French oak barrels and 50% cold tank fermented, 38% was in total new oak. It was SIP Certified Sustainable and aged nine months on the lees. The vine ages ranged from five to forty years and were located 5.4 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The alcohol content is 13.5% and the average brix at harvest was 23.87 at harvest. Suggested retail price: $18.

The True Myth tasting room is in the historic Independence Schoolhouse built in 1909 located in the heart of Edna Valley. You will find it surrounded by an expansive picnic area and views of the SIP Certified Paragon Vineyard. For those into bocce, there are also two full size bocce courts.

Tasting Room:

5828 Orcutt Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Tel: 805 269-8200

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Winery Address:

4915 Orcutt Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Tel: 805 597-8200


Organic wine is a popular luxury that wine enthusiasts are putting at the top of their shopping lists. One of the things I find most charming about organic wine, is the history behind the vineyard and the winemakers. One such winery I’ve discovered is the Italian family and friend collaboration, ZIOBAFFA. This wine story has it all, including a film connection. Jason Baffa is a film-maker turned wine-maker and just all seems to make sense.

Jason Baffa Wine and Filmmaker

To read the full interview, click here.

ZIOBAFFA is bottled and labeled with eco-friendly material, crafted with a biodynamic focus and organically produced grapes. Handmade by artisans with a focus on traditional production, ZIOBAFFA wine is crafted in quality, authenticity and detail. With a focus on sustainable, zero waste production and environmentally friendly bottling, including the innovative Helix re-useable cork closure, these wines are a modern take on an old world tradition. ZIOBAFFA wine is a clear demonstration of close knit Italian culture. Wine is a way of life in Italy.  Enjoyed during lunch and dinner, it is served with food as part of the dining experience.  It is shared amongst family and friends, celebrating the simple beauty of community.  Open a bottle of ZIOBAFFA with close family and friends and enjoy “la belleza d’ Italia.”


Benovia Winery

Sonoma County is famous for its wine, and that’s no surprise as it boasts acres of vineyards and hundreds of wineries. Among these is the Benovia Winery. With estate vineyards not only in Sonoma County, but also Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley, Benovia Winery is responsible for creating small lot wines, specifically Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Zinfandel.

Benovia Winery Barrel

Enter vintner Mike Sullivan. The son of grape growers, he’s very comfortable in the vineyard, where he started working at the age of 18. Then, after pursuing a degree in fermentation science, he discovered his passion for the craft. Today, he resides in Russian River Valley and makes beautifully balanced wines. We interviewed Mike in late 2015.

To read the entire interview, click here.

Pali Wine Co.

One of the most sought after neighborhoods in Southern California is Pacific Palisades with it’s unique Alphabet neighborhood near the center of town, and the celebrity enclave of Huntington Palisades with its breathtaking Pacific Ocean views. The Riveria is another high-end neighborhood near the upscale Riveria Country Club.

Pali-Wine-Co-San-DiegoTwo arbitrage guys working in Santa Monica got into the wine business in 2005. Tim Perr and Scott Knight co-founded Pali Wine Co., sourcing most of the grapes from the top vineyards in Santa Barbara County and Sonoma. Later they purchased 50 acres of land in the Gypsy Canyon Road in Lompoc.

They opened a wine making facility in Lompoc near the airport where they blend and bottle their Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. I recently had the opportunity to taste several of their wines while talking to Aaron Walker, partner and winemaker at Pali Wine Co.

Soon they are opening a tasting room in downtown Anaheim, near Disneyland, next to the Packing House. Not only will there be a tasting room at this location, but a restaurant will pair food with their wines. Also, they will have a tasting room in DTLA in the Art’s District before the end on 2017.

With the help of Walker, Pali Wine Co. has grown their production from 1500 cases to over 20,000 cases a year. Next time you drive up the Central Coast, be sure to stop at the Lompoc Wine Ghetto for a tasting flight of Pali Wine Co.

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David Pack’s Napa Crossroads A Toast to Music

David is a Grammy Award-winning musician and producer. He began his career as the lead vocalist and guitarist with the rock group Ambrosia, popular in the 1970s and 1980s, with top hits like You’re the Only Woman (You & I) and my personal favorite Biggest Part Of Me. He has sold over 40 million units worldwide as both a performer and producer combined. He’s produced for incredible artists like Wynonna, Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin and Kenny Loggins, to name only a few. He served as music director/producer for former President Bill Clinton’s inaugurations in January 1993 and 1997. This guy has been making and driving the most popular music we’ve been listening to for decades.

David Pack. © 2014 Napa Crossroads Music Group LLC

David Pack. © 2014 Napa Crossroads Music Group LLC

Somewhere in between his top 40 hits and Grammy Awards ceremonies, he’s found the time to enjoy wine. I mean really enjoy wine. He takes as much pride in his music as he does in being an oenophile. Out of his passion for both art forms blossomed the Napa Crossroads project. Here is what he has to say about the venture. “Napa Valley and me are old friends. The grapes speak to me, the land soothes me, and the people move me like nowhere on earth. This project is my love letter to Napa Valley. Every song was written and recorded there. The primary inspiration is my five winery partners who contributed greatly to make this happen. We worked joyously to weave their life-stories into these songs and create a time capsule to preserve the memory of friends and a time that will never again be.”

We interviewed David in 2014. To read the entire interview, click here.

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