CLEAR-ly this smart woman is a CLEAR customer
CLEAR-ly this smart woman is a CLEAR customer

What can you do in under five minutes?  Put on mascara and run a comb through your hair, microwave popcorn, run a tenth of a mile, speed through airport security … say whaaaat?

Yup, you read me correctly.

CLEAR is a fantastic program that lets you zip through airline security faster than a speeding bullet or, at the bare minimum, in under five minutes. This is the hottest thing to hit travel since wheels on a suitcase.

When you join CLEAR you’ll laugh like a crazy person when you arrive at the airport and see a snake-like line of people fighting to get through security, because you, my friend, get to to bypass them all and go to the exclusive CLEARlanes at designated airport security checkpoints, where the Clear “concierge” will politely ask for your card and then automate the identity check process using  your pre-recorded fingerprint. Minutes later you are led past the security guards to the very front of the line (what a high!) where your concierge will even get your bins ready for you. I wanted to keep my helper with me for the rest of the trip, but alas, he had to go back to assist the next brilliant CLEAR customer.

Just think about it. For a mere $179 a year you get to sleep in an extra hour and arrive stress-free at the airport, secure in the knowledge that you’ll be on the other side of security in mere minutes.

Where it works:

Denver Intl Airport (DEN), Orlando Intl Airport (MCO), San Francisco Intl Airport (SFO), Dallas/Ft Worth (DFW), and Term E Westchester NY (HPN).

According to a company spokesperson more airports are being added soon.

How it works:

CLEAR automates the identity check process using biometrics, (fingerprints and iris).

For detailed information on how to join and answer any questions, visit the Clear website.