The true beauty of art is that it’s completely personalized. Each artist incorporates a part of themselves in their work. These are a few unique artists we love here at Luxe Beat.

1. Cammy Davis

“I grew up simply, with the mind set that if I wanted something, I needed to find a way to make it. That philosophy has carried forward into my artwork. I create the entire piece, including building the panels myself. It just doesn’t feel like something I’ve created unless I made the entire piece, from nothing to something inspiring.” -Maralyn Hill. Full article here…

Airstream Pod by Cammy Davis

Airstream Pod by Cammy Davis

2. Thomas Arvid

“In his view, the art of growing and harvesting grapes is reminiscent of a sunset, with each vintage’s end providing a chance to reflect on the day’s labors and the prospect of starting anew on the next adventure waiting on the horizon. Having dedicated years to the craft he loves, he continues to be enthralled by the promise of a new experience each time he approaches his easel.  ‘I think my pieces are successful when I can evoke an emotion, memory or thought in a viewer. Wine and art are vehicles to communicate the pleasure of the human experience.'” -Linda Cordair. Full article here…

Golden Opportunity by Thomas Arvid

Golden Opportunity by Thomas Arvid

3. Elaine Poggi

“In 2002, after [Poggi] lost her mother to cancer, she transformed her grief into a humanistic worldwide campaign and launched The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals. As a living tribute to her mother, this non-profit, publicly-supported organization is dedicated to placing colorful, soothing photographs of nature in hospitals. The Foundation’s message is ‘Humanizing Hospitals Through Healing Photo Art.'” -Renee Phillips. Full article here…

Foundation for Photo/Art

Art installation in Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. The Foundation for Photo / Art, founded by photographer Elaine Poggi, has placed more than 5,000 nature photos in more than 300 healthcare facilities on seven continents to create healing environments.

4. Bryan Larsen

“Realism suits my preference in subject matter.  The more skillful I can become at observing reality and manipulating my materials to recreate it, the more effectively I can portray my subjects.  Sometimes that requires exaggerating certain things or leaving others out.  I guess I didn’t really choose my style so much as I am slowly developing it.” -Linda Cordair. Full article here…

Justice by Bryan Larsen

Justice by Bryan Larsen

5. Kimberly Forness Wilson

“She explains, ‘I turned my head and had a freak accident and fractured my skull. This resulted in the loss of my singing voice and required surgery and years of therapeutic recovery. To distract me from the pain my mother encouraged me to begin painting. The act of being creative set my mind on a clear path to healing.’ Wilson has adopted a positive attitude about having to give up a career in the theater and states philosophically, ‘The lesson is clear for me. A tragedy has become a gift that I am privileged to share.'” -Renee Phillips. Full article here…

Kimberly Forness Wilson

Kimberly Forness Wilson, Miss Tako’s Extraordinary Day, watercolor and mixed media, 20″ x 24″.

6. Karen Yee

“What is so remarkable about her art is her masterful ability to capture the emotion, character and personality of her subjects. With technical prowess she depicts every detail and nuance of light, shadow, and texture. Each subject is celebrated as a unique individual worthy of our attention and each series as a whole reveals a compelling story.” -Renee Phillips. Full article here…

Karen Yee

Karen Yee, Day of the Dead Tima (from the Masked series), 20” x 16”.

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