If you have a website on which people can checkout and pay for items, then you may be seeing many consumers abandoning their basket before this is complete. The problem with the payment process can come in at any point, we’re here to tell you how you can improve this process to get a higher rate of checkouts.

Allow a Guest Check Out

We don’t always want to register for an account to check out and complete our transaction, especially for a quick fashion deal. Offering users the option to check out as a guest, instead of divulging their details, can greatly improve the checkout rate. By all means, offer them the option to register at the end of the process but you don’t always have to make it mandatory. This will make them much more likely to breeze through the checkout.

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Make Editing Details Easy

If you’ve ever went through a checkout then you may have entered in the wrong details at some point. The wrong post code, address or name is something that many users have entered. If you want people to complete the process, then make these errors easy to correct.

They won’t checkout if they think there’s a chance that their item won’t get to them. If they’ve to start the process all over again, then they may just leave their items and purchase elsewhere.

Provide a Range of Payment Methods

If you look on the likes of bingo sites, you will see that they offer many payment methods to their players. PayPal bingo sites are exceptionally popular with players, you can see just how many of them exist here paypal-bingo.org. They also accept eVouchers and phone bill payments too, something which the e-commerce sector could learn from. Although PayPal bingo transactions can be much more popular on sites, the fact that there are more options generally helps too.

Don’t Ask for Too Much Information

In this day and age, we’re very conscious of the information that we give out to sites and companies. This is all with good reason too, as it’s inconvenient and can also pose a security risk to our identities. For this reason, you should only ask your customers for the information that you actually need. Don’t go over the top asking security questions and if you do need to ask for additional information, make sure that you explain why you’re asking for it.

Use Accreditations and Emblems

Throughout your payment process, you want to reassure the user that everything is safe. This could be by displaying an accreditation or providing a few lines of text to explain the steps. Users feel more comfortable when they have extra information, though you shouldn’t overload them with this either. There are also other benefits to providing links out to other sites, so investigate into this when you’re creating the process.

Don’t Distract the User

While going through the checkout, users don’t want to be bombarded with offers, adverts and distractions. By the time they’re checking out, they already know what they want to buy and have it in their basket. At the end of the process, you can remind them of special deals or email them with a special offer. This is a much better way to present them with these offers, just let them focus on the checkout process first.

With these tips in mind, you can improve your checkout and allow more users to finish their process. These are all great ways to use the psychology of the consumer and understand what they’re really looking for. That way, you can improve the rate of conversion and decrease basket abandonment in the future.