As someone who has a substantial amount of jewelry, on rare occasions I’ve said, “Oh, I really don’t need any more.” Need and want are two different words.

Songwriter Gordon Martin stated it so well when he wrote, “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend,” which Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell sang in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” He was also wise enough to include “expensive jewels” in the song.

B0010 - Bracelet in Diamond & Ruby - $35,000

B0010 – Bracelet in Diamond & Ruby – $35,000

For those who have and love jewelry, you may hit a weak moment, when you say you have enough. But then a talented new designer or trend will capture your eye and heart and the acquire desire is rekindled.

E0058 - Earring in Diamond & Aquamarine - $7,500

E0058 – Earring in Diamond & Aquamarine – $7,500

Luxe Beat Magazine was recently introduced to The Jewelz, that creates vintage and fine jewelry for retailers and individuals across the globe. This firm has established its reputation as a renowned wholesale diamond and gold jewelry manufacturer. The Jewelz caters to the woman who appreciates luxury with exquisite, elegant and contemporary jewelry and designs. Naturally, it provides accessibility to a wide variety of precious metals and jewels. The Jewelz also specializes in customized jewelry, which is made with the expertise of its talented designers.


E0051 – Earring in Diamond & Sapphire – $6,500

XXX_86 - Necklace in Diamond & Sapphire Beads - $9,000

XXX_86 – Necklace in Diamond & Sapphire Beads – $9,000

“Beauty has always inspired me and I’ve always believed that crafting jewelry is an art whose beauty reflects rare jewels, fine workmanship and utmost quality far above and beyond any official standard,” says Founder and CEO Vishal Dixit. “My passion for this art inspired me to launch The Jewelz – exclusive creations that are understated, timeless with a harmonious combination of personality, elegance and a royal touch.”

R0514 - Ring in Diamond & Ruby - $8,000

R0514 – Ring in Diamond & Ruby – $8,000

Dixit prides herself on being involved from the original sketch through every process of the creation, keeping the focus on quality. Dixit feels that with quality the number one goal, it is the best strategy for success. This encompasses the finest tools, skills, technology and craftsmanship.

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R0041 – Ring in Diamond and Pink Tourmaline – $12,000

The Jewelz produces both vintage and fine jewelry, including rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, bracelets and necklaces.

When I look at these designs, it reinforces what I know, diamonds and jewelry will always have a place in this woman’s heart.

THE JEWELZ is located at: 

2W 46th Street #1201

New York, NY 10036

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