The holiday season is typically when dieters struggle the most, Christmas in particular. With all the heavy foods, large family meals, and desserts galore, what healthy option is there? MUNCHOS! Raw is the diet-friendly choice you’ve been seeking!

Raw bio-available protein, dippable, certified ZERO-Kale, naturally gluten-free and with tons of cultural palates in mind, MUNCHOS! Raw picks up where other healthy snacks still struggle. The snackiest lunchbox treats, gym food or afternoon break, MUNCHOS! Raw are the most nutritious fun snacks you, your kids, and all those holiday parties will see this holiday season.



Experience bold holiday flavors that keep you fueled up while shopping, wrapping gifts, traveling and just celebrating with these new creations:

Yule Love Mulled Beet Jerky: Eye-catching and tasty with purple sweet potatoes and beets blended with fresh mulling spices, dates and citrus in a splash of coconut oil.

Holiday in Provence: Bring back memories of a good ol’ home-cooked meal with of potatoes and leeks sizzling in roasting herbs with a drizzle of coconut and sunflower oil.

Over the River Woodsy Lime Pop ‘Ems: Escape the holiday chaos and relax in the woods with this lip-smacking array of seasonal squashes, lime-infused with honey and coconut oil.



Using only locally, kindly sourced produce, raw low-temp processing, and nutritive flavorful extra virgin oilsMUNCHOS! Raw varieties offer bold flavor profiles from chef founder Lindsay Williambrown’s insane need for raw food to taste like a rock ‘n’ roll festival in your mouth while celebrating every cultural tastebud!

Are you more of a grab-and-go person? They are also introducing new MUNCHOS! Raw Snack Packers: fun-size on-the-go packs perfect for little hands, pockets, and car cup holders to keep everyone energized and sane this busy holiday season!

Check out this link for more information on MUNCHOS! Raw healthy line of snacks and goodies.

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