Live out the fantasy of free-flying at the newly launched Dreamscape “DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy.” This new immersive virtual reality interactive experience is now at the Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, and Dallas’ famed NorthPark Center. Dreamscape VR destinations will soon be in Columbus, Ohio and the New York/New Jersey metro area later this year and into 2020.

This thrilling storytelling experience is ideal for a birthday, date night or family fun activity.


Inspired by DreamWorks Animation‘s critically acclaimed film trilogy – “How to Train Your Dragon”, this interactive experience allows eight VR participants a reserved time to experience the 20 minute journey together.


It begins the minute you walk into the flagship Los Angeles Dreamscape, near Eataly and Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. Step inside a replica of a train station, and choose your DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy avatar rookie self.  You will be enlisted in the world’s first dragons flight academy led by famed dragon riders, Hiccup and Astrid, and their loyal dragons, Toothless and Stormfly. Snacks and souvenirs are available to enjoy while waiting for your swooping, swerving, free-flying rescue mission to the Hidden World.


Since the public opening of Dreamscape’s Westfield Century City location in December 2018, the company has sold out VR experiences, and continues to have repeat visitors on a consistent basis to be part of the different immersive storytelling experiences.

“At Dreamscape, our goal is to create the ultimate immersive experiences that allow our customers to enter into, and in this case fly into, worlds that they never dreamed possible,” said Walter Parkes, Chairman, Dreamscape and Producer, DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy. ”

Bruce Vaughn CEO Dreamscape Immersive is living his dream of animation and movie magic. Ever since he was 12 years old watching the first Star Wars movie, he knew he wanted to create stories and experiences for people. Now he has taken his dream to a new level with his Dreamscape vision, creating virtual 3D environments, enabling people to become the star of their own movie adventure.


Riders leave their belongings in a secured locker room and enter a VR room. No longer are audiences just watching Hiccup and Toothless take on a group of ruthless poachers, but now they can fly alongside them on their very own dragon to protect the Isle of Berk.


The adventure kicks off as riders put on fingerless gloves and sit on a metal saddle seat. Dreamscape experience staff members instruct riders to rest their hands on metal handle bars. Push down to glide downward, lift the bars up to fly high in the air. Similar to riding a motorcycle, you can lean to the right and left as you maneuver on your dragon. Last the VR helmet on your head. This will cover your eyes and rest on the bridge of your nose. There are two ear pads to pull over your ears to hear further instructions throughout the ride.

Riders start at Berk, a village featured in the films that teeters high on the cliff tops of a rugged North Sea island. This is home to fierce Vikings and every known species of dragon. In Berk, Dragons and Vikings live together in playful harmony, but poachers pose a constant threat.


Master dragon riding skills by dodging flaming arrows, going underwater through a bloom of jellyfish, avoid collapsing ice caverns and rescue the most adorable baby dragons.

At the beginning you and your group are rookie riders, and by the end you proudly feel a sense of accomplishment, as you and your team collaborate in restoring harmony.

Christina Lee Storm, Producer, DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy, DreamWorks Animation said, “The thrilling adventure will bring guests to new heights in a fun, wondrous way that will inspire repeat visits.”

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