If you live in the northern hemisphere then you’re likely looking towards the warmer months, to a time when scarves will be a thing of the past and your nose doesn’t go numb when you step out of the door. In the meantime, it can feel cold at home and booking a winter vacation might be your only answer to getting through the colder weather. Whether you’re on a budget or have a bit more to spend, there are plenty of destination vacations to cure your winter blues.

1. Cancun

Cancun has been a vacation destination for the well moneyed for many years, although it has recently opened up to more budget options and has grown hugely since the 1970s. You’ll get the best of both worlds in Cancun, with great hotels and incredible natural wildlife and areas of beauty. Spend your days snorkeling in the beautiful Caribbean sea and your evenings in some of the funky bars inspired by the local area. The prices reflect the fact that Cancun is a tourist destination, but if you’re a fan of long days on the beach and great vacation nightlife then you’ll be at home in Cancun. 

2. Orlando, Florida

For adventure seekers and magic believers, Orlando makes a great sundrenched holiday and there are plenty of options for all budgets. You may not spend much time relaxing on the beach, but you will be able to spend several days zipping around the theme parks and water parks. You’re not likely to come back from Orlando feeling rested, but you’ll get a dose of vitamin D and you’ll likely have the holiday of a lifetime. If you do fancy hitting the beach, many people make the popular choice of heading down to Miami for a couple of days at the end of their holiday, which can serve as some well deserved rest after a week in the parks. The weather won’t be tropical, but you will be guaranteed some sunshine and a warmer temperature than winter chills.

3. St Lucia

St Lucia is one of those destinations that comes to mind when one thinks, “If I won the mega millions lottery, where would I go?” The romantic of all Caribbean destinations is famed for white beaches, lush green forest and warm Caribbean hospitality. St Lucia isn’t for those on a budget, but the beautiful setting makes for a popular honeymoon destination. Or, if you’re feeling flush and need some time out in the sunshine, a couple of weeks on St Lucia could be what you need. Once you’re sick of soaking up the sunshine on the hot sand, you could try some watersports or explore the lush forested mountains that make up the island.

When winter feels long and cold, the only thing for it is a vacation. Sometimes your budget may seem prohibitive, but you can often find great deals in the winter months, especially for less tropical destinations. Of course, St Lucia might be the dream destination, but there are of course other places to visit to top up your winter tan.