Okay,  class, what do Michael Kors, DKNY, J. Crew and Calvin Klein have to do with school fundraising?  You’ve earned an “A” if you answered Schoola.com. Schoola is a simple yet effective fundraising program that started with parents sending in their gently used children’s clothing. Items sent to Schoola are listed for sale at Schoola.com at amazing prices. Quality brand name clothes get a second life at a fraction of retail prices.  Schools then receive the proceeds — $2 of every $5 spent from every item sold.

Schoola SF Projects

With the success of children’s clothes sales, Schoola Founder and CEO, Stacey Boyd has now expanded the clothing line for women. The site has been a go-to for savvy moms seeking out great deals on pre-loved garments from top children’s brands, but now impressive deals on everything from casual wear to formal dresses to maternity attire are available to fill up their own closets, too.

As both an educator and a mom, Boyd has long been concerned about education cuts schools are facing across the nation.   She saw firsthand how children who struggled in math could come alive in music class. How art, physical education and foreign language could have a profound effect on students. She also saw how hard it was to get funds to support these programs, and how easy it was for the programs to get cut. Frustrated by the constant struggle schools across the nation face in making up for budget deficits, she looked to technology to create Schoola.

From its humble beginnings during the 2012/13 school year, Schoola has grown leaps and bounds, now working with close to 16,000 schools nationwide.  Organized community clothing drives with the help of Schoola have produced amazing school fundraising results.

Success stories include raising $56,000 in funds that helped keep an art program alive in San Francisco and purchased new computers in St. Louis classrooms. A top earning school in New York has earned over $61,000 to keep its orchestra playing.

“Schoola is a wonderful way for all of us to make sure that our kids have the greatest opportunity to reach their fullest potential,” said Stacey Boyd.

You don’t have to be a parent to donate.  Anyone can participate by shopping Schoola for great deals.  Or donate your gently used women’s clothing (in addition to kids’ clothing) by simply requesting a postage-paid donation bag from Schoola.com. A school can kick off a fundraising drive by emailing coach@schoola.com or go to www.schoola.com.