Being an adult means that you get to mingle while sipping on an alcoholic beverage. Absolut Elyx is here to provide you with some amazing cocktails full of flavor. With Absolut Elyx, you can sip on a delicious drink while knowing that you are supporting a company that strives to embody hospitality, integrity, warmth, playfulness and style. So whether you are hosting or just socializing with your friends, you will be covered.

This fall, you can try out some of Absolut Elyx’s amazing drinks: Fall in Luxe, Garden of Elyx and Raspberry Mule. These recipes are sure to wow you and your guests. Ranging from apple-y goodness to raspberry flavor bursts, Absolut Elyx has the perfect drink for you this fall.

When you taste Fall in Luxe, you will know exactly why there is this play on words. A mixture of high-end vodka, apple juice, lime, Angostura Bitters and ginger beer, Fall in Luxe has the flavors that will surprise your taste buds with every sip. Make sure you stir your cocktail with a cinnamon stick to boost the flavor even more!

If you aren’t in the mood for those flavors, take a slightly different direction with the Garden of Elyx cocktail. This drink still has an apple taste; after all, it is three parts apple cider. But with the added pomegranate cordial, the cocktail is sure to give you something different.

Now, say you aren’t an apple-flavored cocktail kind of person. That’s no big deal since Absolute Elyx also has a recipe for the raspberry lovers out there. Raspberry Mule is made with high-end vodka, raspberry cordial, lime juice and ginger beer. But don’t forget the most important part: the fresh raspberry garnish. A Raspberry Mule might be just what you need to keep yourself going as you heading into winter.

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