Regarding Women

Elliott Erwitt’s Regarding Women is stunning.

This collection of black and white images by photographic master Elliot Erwitt is an historical documentation of his work, as well as biographical look at his life. Drizzled amongst the images of celebrities like Maralyn Monroe, whose cover also adorns the book cover, readers will unknowingly view glimpses of his children, ex-wives and other major events in his personal life.

The book spans several generations beginning in the late 1940s through today. The photos are not all consecutive in their layout. As you move from one page to the next, there is a story being told with each photo, but it is more of a progression of life, starting with birth and moving through the excitement of love, marriage, conflict and break-ups with the emphasis of each shot being the woman. The woman is center stage in this collection.

Men will love the beauty, curves and nudes, while woman will appreciate the strength, power and fashion portrayed throughout the work. Randomly there will be a white page mixed in alongside a full-page photograph and I wonder what the artist was thinking and why he selected certain images to stand alone. It makes you think and you look longer and deeper.

Much of the book’s photography has never been published before or has been rarely viewed by the public and that makes it even more special. The foreward is by Charles Howard and he sets the expectation of the reader right from the start. I did not read the foreword until after going through the book and I was happy to say that my journey was right on track with Charles Howard’s insight. This book is a revealing look into the life of Elliott Erwitt and he has exposed a piece of himself that many would not dare to share with many people. In addition, he is making it available to anyone willing to take a look.

Elliott Erwitt fans and photography buffs alike, will thoroughly enjoy this incredible collection of the historical look at women, through the eyes of a man who is fascinated with the opposite sex and the fairytale of ever-lasting love.

Release date: September 2014

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