There is no doubt that exploring a capital city is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your day. There is usually so much to see, from exciting tourist attractions to beautiful museums filled with history, never ending nightlife to exotic restaurants. One of the main struggles with visiting any capital city around the world is the fact that these cities never sleep. There is always a hustle and bustle on the streets, cars whizzing past, sirens off in the distance and the sounds of stray car horns bursting through your open window. Due to this very reason, when many people are planning their holiday, they choose to stay slightly outside of the main city, in a more relaxed neighbouring town.

Hotel Zur Bleiche Resort & Spa

Berlin is one of the top capital cities to visit in Europe, with romantic old-fashioned architecture around every corner, fancy restaurants, marvellous nightlife and amazing histories to be discovered. There are countless alternative accommodation options surrounding Berlin, with many bed and breakfasts, guesthouses or holiday rentals offering a great glimpse into the local life. If it is luxury that you are after, though, then the amazing Hotel Zur Bleiche Resort & Spa in The Spreewald, about 100 kilometres south-east of the capital, is the place for you.

Thanks to the beautiful architecture and breathtaking décor, you will know that you have arrived at true luxury before even stepping a foot inside. With a building that looks like something straight out of a painting and pool water that seems too flat to even be real, this place brings a whole new level to the idea of tranquility.

The hotel caters to every accommodation need, offering small rooms, spacious rooms, suites as well as special rooms designed for families travelling with children. The spa is open twenty four hours a day, making sure that you are always relaxed. Depending on the weather you can either laze around the outside pool, soaking in the warmth from the sun, or you could enjoy a peaceful dip in the indoor pool. Afterwards, choose from the four different types of saunas available, before heading off to dinner at one of the seven hotel restaurants. Finally, finish off the day by enjoying a relaxing drink at the comfortable bar area or cigar room.