Michelle Endersby

Michelle Endersby, Today, Tomorrow, and Forever, acrylic on canvas, 36″x36″.

“It all begins when the soul would have its way with you.” ~ Emerson

Every minute of every day is an opportunity to release the past and to renew our faith and dreams. Our inspiration for renewal often comes from the help of artists who raise our awareness and motivate us to see the world around us with a new pair of eyes.

As Director of Manhattan Arts International, I was curious to see different artists’ interpretations of the concept of new beginnings. So in September, 2014, I announced a call to artists for a “New Beginnings” juried online exhibition.

After viewing several hundred entries received from artists from around the world, I selected 47 artists for this show that runs through February 20, 2016. In different media, including painting, sculpture, drawings, mixed media, photography and digital art, artists convey diverse expressions related to new life paths, innovative creative directions, awe-inspiring observations in nature, amazing views of architecture and transformation of objects.

In this article I present three of the 47 artists. They include: Hamish Blakely, who nudges us to reexamine our beliefs about religion and angels; Michelle Endersby, who started painting roses soon after awakening from a coma; and Greg Navratil, who was inspired by a trash bin of bottles to create luminous paintings. Each artist brings a different perspective about “New Beginnings” through his or her art.

Hamish Blakely

Hamish Blakely, Sweet Dreams, oil on linen, 31″ x 45″

Hamish Blakely Conveys the Dawn of a New Consciousness

Hamish Blakely is an artist from the United Kingdom. His “Angel” paintings portray heaven’s creatures as they descend to Earth, having been forsaken by humanity. Seeing them in this context forces us to stop, reflect and reconsider our belief systems. They represent the dawn of a new level of consciousness.

About his paintings titled “Out of Work Angel Collection,” Blakely states: “Faith and its place in our society is being increasingly questioned to identify its validity in our modern world. As the younger generation turn their backs on the Church in growing numbers, my Angel paintings explore the theory that people’s apathy and lack of faith have direct repercussions in Heaven. Our once eternally loyal guardians find themselves forsaken and as their identity begins to disintegrate, they urge the viewer to ask: What if they become like us? This is the dawn of a new consciousness, a new beginning in which we see ourselves in them.”

Visit Hamish Blakely’s website at http://www.hamishblakely.com/


Michelle Endersby

Michelle Endersby, Roses At Sunset, acrylic on round canvas, 30″ diameter.

Michelle Endersby Awakens With Roses

Michelle Endersby lives in Australia. She is known for her “Awakening Around Roses” series of paintings that have had a profound impact on viewers. The artist is grateful for having literally been given a second chance at life after awakening from a coma.

Her paintings of roses are a reflection her life-long sense of wonder about what exists in the natural world. About her paintings and the theme “New Beginnings,” she shares this profound statement: “Signifying potential, promise and possibility there is no more powerful symbol of ‘New Beginnings’ than the rosebud. The rose reminds us of the cyclical nature of life, and a vision of roses was the catalyst for my new beginning as an artist awakening from a coma following emergency brain surgery.”

Visit Michelle Endersby’s website http://www.michelleendersbyart.com/


Greg Navratil

Greg Navratil, Apple Juice, acrylic on panel, 24 x 24”.

Greg Navratil Discovers New Beginnings in Trash Bins

Greg Navratil is an artist who lives in Gearhart, Oregon. He was inspired to create a series of paintings based on bottles found in the trash. He transformed the images of discarded items into engaging luminous works of art, applying his superb and painstakingly tedious painting techniques. His art has been praised for his ability to replicate color, light and texture.

The artist shared this statement along with his art entries: “With views from glass recycling bins, where bottles literally smash together and await ‘New Beginnings.’ I found inspiration for a “New Beginning” in painting. In these all-over paintings, luminosity is achieved from thick layers of transparent acrylics applied with paint dispensers.”

Visit Greg Navratil’s website http://gregnavratilart.com/

Hopefully these works of art and the artists’ statements will serve as catalysts for you to experience a shift in consciousness and a new perspective about your life and the world you inhabit.

To learn more about the “New Beginnings” exhibition please visit www.manhattanarts.com

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