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Fabulous Ideas For Your Dream Fall Wedding

Fabulous Ideas For Your Dream Fall Wedding

Fall has finally arrived, and with it comes the beautiful foliage, cool temperatures, and delicious foods that push so many people to opt for an autumn wedding. Autumn is the most popular season overall, with 29% of Americans preferring autumn over the other three seasons, and fall weddings have been a growing trend in recent years. If you want to have the most talked-about wedding among your circle of friends for years to come, use a few of these ideas for your upcoming autumn wedding.

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Find A Scenic Venue

One of the primary perks of planning a fall wedding is the gorgeous outdoor scenery you’ll get to have, even with minimal decorating. However, if you really want to make your wedding a showstopper, you’ll need to pick the right venue so you can take advantage of fall foliage and natural scenery. Look for an outdoor venue with plenty of colorful leaves where there’s also an indoor space in case of weather changes last minute. You could also take a more creative route; who says you can’t have a beach wedding in early autumn? Delaware has about 26 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, and plenty of these shores are along gorgeous forests as well.

Prepare Your Menu

When picking out your food options for your guests, feel free to lean into the flavors of the season. Pumpkin, apple, maple, and more all make up classic fall flavors that can be incorporated into a variety of dishes. Don’t forget about your cake, too – take a chance and stay away from boring chocolate or vanilla flavors in favor of more adventurous fall cakes. People will be talking about the delicious meal they had at your wedding for ages, and they’re sure to ask you who you had for catering.

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Don’t Forget Drinks, Too

What’s a wedding without a few drinks to celebrate the happy couple? Whether you’re just offering beer and wine or if you’re going with a full open bar, take advantage of fall flavors here as well. As many as 84% of craft beer consumers like to choose their beer depending on the season, so look for heavier beers or pumpkin beers if you like a good brew. Talk to your venue and chat with the bartender a bit for more fall-themed ideas; you might even be able to work out a signature cocktail you can offer your guests.

Plan Your Honeymoon

Of course, one of the best parts of your wedding is the extended after-party that is your honeymoon. When it comes to fall weddings, people tend to be a bit split on what’s the best location for a honeymoon; do you stick with the crisp fall weather, or do you aim for somewhere a bit more tropical? The answer really depends on what you and your spouse are interested in doing while you’re away. The average newlywed couple’s honeymoon will last from seven to nine days, so wherever you go, make sure you’ll be happy with whatever weather you end up in for that time.

Autumn weddings can be a beautiful option for those looking to buck the trend of spring and summer ceremonies. You’ll be able to take advantage of beautiful outdoor scenery, as well as the delicious flavors the season has to offer. While autumn weddings are still a rising trend, plenty of people are making the choice to say their vows later in the year. What do you plan on including as part of your luxurious fall wedding ceremony?

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