SMOOTHIES-Face-WH-BKGD-with_STRIPS-p19vtt4ci0cdh1l5o2p9f141ckaConsumers are expected to spend $171.9 billion on anti-aging products by 2019 representing an annual growth rate of 7.8% for the next five years. Unfortunately, wrinkled skin will still exist because many of the solutions on the market do not address the cause of the problem.

According to Cindy Barrett, anti-aging expert and Founder of Facial Smoothies wrinkle-reversing strips, repeated facial expressions are the main cause of wrinkles, so addressing this issue is the most important key to reducing current wrinkles and preventing future ones.  Thanks to Botox®, we know this for sure. When facial muscles are paralyzed, and not able to make the exaggerated expressions that wrinkle our skin, wrinkles disappear in a matter of days – at almost any age.  Popular anti-aging products mask the problem but don’t address the true cause.  There are three myths about wrinkles consumers should be aware of in order to make educated decisions about their skincare regimen.

Wrinkle Myth 1:  Dry Skin and Sun Exposure Cause Wrinkles – Dry skin and sun exposure do not cause wrinkles but they do contribute to making your skin look older, and to diminishing its ability to recover from the real cause of wrinkles: facial expressions.

Wrinkle Myth 2:  Moisturizers Can Remove Wrinkles – Because dry skin doesn’t actually cause wrinkles, moisturizers can’t cure them. Moisturizers feel good, plump your skin, and help with fine lines on a micro level, but they can’t undo what your facial expressions have done. Physical manipulation – actual smoothing – of your skin is necessary to counteract facial expressions.

Wrinkle Myth 3: Only Injections and Surgery Can Remove Deep Wrinkles – Botox ® and other invasive treatments are designed to paralyze affected areas preventing repeated facial expressions and resulting in smooth skin over time, unless the wrinkles are deep.  Botox can’t actually smooth deep wrinkles. Deep wrinkles require a more active approach: surgery, or a product like Facial Smoothies®.


Facial Smoothies® are transparent adhesives that can be worn at convenient times to smooth out wrinkles, and also to help prevent facial expressions from further wrinkling your skin.  Smoothies re-position the skin and train it back to its original unlined state.  Just smooth the wrinkle and apply the adhesive strip.  They can be worn any time – before bed, at the computer or on the way to a party.  Smoothies® are often used with Botox® administration, because they smooth deep wrinkles quickly, something Barrett developed Facial Smoothies after other wrinkle-reducing methods failed to produce the desired results. “When used regularly as part of a skincare regimen, Facial Smoothies are a pro-active solution that inhibits the creation of wrinkles,” says Barrett.  “We like to say ‘Start using Facial Smoothies at 30 and your face will never look 40.’”

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