A wedding cake is a perfect way of adding a few more personal touches to your big day. Your wedding is a celebration of you and your partner’s union and what better way to embrace the excitement of the special day than with a cake that represents who you are as a couple. But, if you’re not into all of the age-old traditions of white floral decorations and matured fruit fillings, not all is lost as there are spectacular modern wedding cake designs out there you can choose from. Create a personalised masterpiece that your whole wedding party can enjoy with these alternative wedding cake ideas.

Savoury cakes

Savoury cakes

Just because you’re not into the sweet stuff doesn’t mean you have to avoid the wedding cake convention altogether. Traditionally a symbol of union, it’s said that a wedding cake brings luck to anyone who eats it. Without wanting to disband bad luck on your new nuptials, why not cut into and share a tiered savoury treat instead. You could opt for a scrumptious roulade of meat pies and an assortment of cheese wheels, decorated with grapes and fig fruits. Imagine cutting into a thick slab of brie or cheddar for your guests to help themselves during the evening festivities – it could be just what you’re after.  

Naked cakes

naked wedding cake

Image courtesy of springlane.de

If you both want to incorporate a wedding cake but would like to avoid the faff of which icing or decoration to include, a naked cake design can be a good option. Choose natural ingredients and this eye-catching tiered design that exposes the golden colour of the sponge with just a lick of buttercream to seal in the texture. Naked cakes, topped with fruit or flowers are perfect for a barn wedding as it adds a sense of rustic charm to the day’s events.         

Edible art

doughnut wall wedding

Decorating your wedding cake in edible art is a new craze that’s been making waves recently on social media. From huge iced cookies to intricately crafted sugar floral decorations. Among the more health conscious, it’s even popular to carve details into fruit including amazing watermelon patterns and fruit bouquets. This is a fun and creative way to bring both of your personalities together. Some couples have even opted for whole walls of sugar doughnuts as favours to share on the day. Edible wall art is a great accompaniment to a chocolate fountain, ice-cream sundae bar or vintage sweet stall.  

Bite-size treats


A lot of newlyweds are choosing to scrap the idea of cutting the cake altogether by incorporating a platter of bite-size treats instead of a wedding cake. From rice crispy squares and brownies to fruit tarts and decorated cupcakes, this can be an affordable alternative. Bite-size cakes are a good idea if you wanted to incorporate more than one dessert into your reception dinner. Whether you want to set out a whole table display of sugary goodness, hang sweets off of the walls or arrange the treats in a way that resembles a cake, this is a great, fun way to celebrate.

Macaron towers

macarons tower

If you would like something more refined or if doughnuts or a chocolate fountain sound too messy for your special day, then there are other elegant offerings available to you. Over recent years it’s become popular to assemble towers of delicious macarons or croquembouche. These unusual treats are great for non-traditional couples as they not only look elegant and sophisticated but can still be personalised. Match to your colour theme and embellish the tower with ribbons, flowers and greenery.


No matter what wedding cake you choose to include in your ceremony, enjoy the excitement of designing exactly what you want and of course, enjoy tasting the many delicious cake flavours on offer.