Five Things to Know About Private Jets

Five Things to Know About Private Jets

You might not be a celebrity or a billionaire, but private jet travel is becoming more popular as the private jet charter industry continues to grow. Thus, traveling by private jet is becoming more accessible as demand calls for more and more competitive prices.

You can now charter a private jet for just a little bit more than a regular flight, so it’s no surprise that airline consumers are cottoning on.

However, if you’re preparing for your first trip on a private jet, there are certain guidelines to follow in order to abide by the unwritten etiquette of private jet travel. Before you get ready to jet set, here are five things you should know about private jet plane etiquette:

Time is of the Essence

While it is certainly true that flying on a private jet makes flight schedules more flexible, you still shouldn’t take this for granted. If you’re booking a charter yourself, you can, of course, book a time that suits you and your itinerary.

However, on the day of the flight, it is very impolite to turn up late for the pilot. You don’t know what other things they have squeezed into their schedule for the day, so it is highly inconsiderate to assume that they have nothing better to do than sit and wait for you.

If you have a genuine emergency that means you will be late for the scheduled flight time, there is nothing you can do about it except apologise profusely.

However, just because you’re ecstatic about being on a private jet and want to feel like a celebrity, that doesn’t mean you should be rude. Before the day of the flight, make sure you prepare everything for your flight and trip in advance so you can avoid being late.

Flying private allows you to skip a lot of the time-consuming process of flying with a commercial airline, but it’s still good manners to arrive slightly early. It’s like any other appointment, really. It’s better to show up ten minutes early than five minutes late.

Tip the Pilot

private jet etiquette

This is one you might not consider, because you’ve already paid for the flight and no one using standard commercial flights goes up to the cockpit and tips the pilot.

However, flying by private jet is a truly different experience. Depending on who charters or owns the jet, and how many there are in your party, it is likely that you will be personally introduced to the pilot before taking flight.

They will probably also say a few sentences once you reach your destination in order to ensure you enjoyed the journey. It’s sort of like a waiter in a restaurant who checks to see if you like the food.

You will find that you will have a lot more personal interaction with the pilot when you fly by private jet, and they are essentially providing you with a service by flying you to your destination, so it is good practice to give them a tip as a token of your appreciation.

Be Aware of Your Luggage

Private jets are usually much smaller than commercial aircrafts, which hold hundreds of passengers. Most private jets can usually only accommodate twenty people, and are designed to be lightweight.

As such, you should pack light when traveling aboard a private jet. This is because small aircraft often have weight restrictions.

Therefore, if you want to follow good etiquette, bring as little as you possibly can, and avoid heavy clothing or shoes in your overnight bag if you’re going on a short trip.

Dress for the Occasion

private jet etiquette

Dressing appropriately is an important aspect of private jet etiquette. Depending on the circumstances, you should match your outfit to the designated dress code.

If you’ve been invited to fly on a private jet by a business colleague, you should find out about the acceptable dress code beforehand and dress accordingly. If you’re chartering the plane yourself, you and the other passengers should dress for the occasion.

Traveling on a private jet is a cause for celebration, and exemplifies luxury, so it’s not really appropriate to wear a hoodie and jeans. In order to make the most of your experience, you should dress up and have a party onboard! Don’t be too rowdy, of course.

Respect the Host

The final thing to know about private jet etiquette is to respect the host. This is for those occasions when someone invites you to be a passenger with them on a private jet.

Whoever pays for the flight is the host, regardless of whether or not they own the plane. Being invited is an honour, and you should respond accordingly. It is good etiquette to allow the host to choose their seat first, bring them a gift to say thank you, and to be a gracious and polite guest.

These five things to know about private jet etiquette will help you enjoy a pleasant journey and avoid any potential embarrassment. Flying on a private jet will be an unforgettable experience, so it’s best to follow protocol in order to make the most of it!

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