If you’re looking for that something special to get your favorite gentleman for the holidays, why not something from the Gentlemen’s Tonic line of grooming products?

Gentlemen’s Tonic – known for its masculine and luxurious worldwide grooming establishments – brings self-confidence and style in the latest luxury men’s grooming product range launching in the United States.  Gentlemen’s Tonic is taking grooming needs for men to the next level with a masculine, simple, yet sophisticated and classically packaged collection. Consisting of a striking blend of naturally based plant-derived materials from sustained and renewable resources.

Gentlemen's TonicAs one of the largest range of male product lines on the market in the US and specifically created to meet men’s grooming needs, the must-have collection includes an invigorating Daily Shampoo, Gentle Body Wash, Daily Foaming Cleanser, Pre Shave Oil, Traditional and Classic Shave Creams, Soothing Aftershave Balm, Daily Moisturizer, Moisturizing Hand Balm, Structure (Hair Styling), Clay (Hair Styling), Pomade (Hair Styling) as well as unique Eau de Toilette scents of Junzi, Sinsa, and Honos (MSRP $95). With 100% recycled packaging, the collection is free from Parabens & Petroleum Derivatives, Artificial Colours, Animal Extracts, Synthetic Perfumes / Chemical Additives, TEA/DEA and Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulphates.

Each of the Eau de Toilette scents has a unique character attribute that offers prestige and esteem to the international gentleman.

  • Junzi: a Chinese term originally applied to men with connotations of nobility. He is a rare person, an exemplar who leads by his character and conduct.
  • Sinsa: A Korean term meaning Gentleman, the Sinsa man exhibits courtesy, righteousness and is always ready to make sacrifices for the greater good.
  • Honos: a Latin term meaning respectable and dignified, a man of virtue and a model of excellence and perfection.
  • Gentlemen's Tonic Ultimate Gift Set

    Gentlemen’s Tonic Ultimate Gift Set

GENTLEMEN’S TONIC is a luxury male grooming establishment, originating in Mayfair, London and designed exclusively for men offering a professional and attentive service which will change the image of male grooming forever.  Gentlemen’s Tonic has developed its own range of luxury grooming products available in Gentlemen’s Tonics locations as well as across the world.  Learn more about Gentlemen’s Tonic at www.gentlemenstonics.com.