For this Gifts For the Traveler list, I’m going to use the manufacturers’ descriptions and then my own experience below:NapAnywhere_ProductShot

NapAnywhere Travel Pillow Traveling can be a real pain in the neck … literally. For many travelers, falling asleep upright and waking up with neck discomfort happen far too often. The problem is in the pillow… or trying to nap without proper head support. Skip uncomfortable airline pillows and try NapAnywhere, a minimalist, head-support device developed specifically by a physician for travelers. It effectively provides head support while in a seated position. This comfortable, portable device can be used while traveling on planes, subways, trains, buses and cars as a passenger. Small and compact, it fits easily into your carry-on, backpack, laptop bag or purse. It’s also stain-resistant and can be wiped clean. A carrying pouch is included to help protect the NapAnywhere when not in use. Available in five colors: black, crimson, cobalt, cream and lime.

Retail: $59

MDH: Before I received and tried my NapAnywhere Travel Pillow, I had seen it advertised. As I saw it in airline magazines, I thought once you bent it to conform, it would be great, but cumbersome to carry around. What I was delighted to discover was it flattens out to the circle again, fits in its nice carrying case, and slides in my briefcase. I recommend it because it works great, convenient, and maybe I won’t lose this one.

  3 VBs plus box rev

Vinnibag Inflatable Travel Bag — How do you safely get bottles of aged Italian wine or pure olive oil back home after a coastal holiday? Not rolled up in a hotel towel, but in an inflatable, reusable Vinnibag. Liquids, fine collectible items and any fragile valuables that an elite traveler wants to protect will be safe in a reusable Vinnibag in carry-ons or checked luggage. VinniBag is TSA friendly and was engineered specifically to withstand air travel and high altitudes. Design and materials allow for significant changes in air pressure and temperatures. Sophisticated testing was done at an independent test lab, using altitude chambers that surpass normal conditions in aircraft cargo holds. Packing one is easy. Travelers stick items in the bag, inflate it with a few breaths of air, snap the bag closed, pack in their travel bag, and then deflate when they get home. Travelers can likely fit up to three inflated Vinnibags in their suitcase. Vinnibags can be reused as an ice pack, a smartphone holder in water, or even a bath pillow.

Retail: $28

MDH: My suitcase always has a wine bag carrier or two, which I may use for wine or other breakable items. Some work better than others. What I especially like about the Vinnibag Inflatable Travel Bag is it is designed to hold other breakables as well, durable, collapsible and I think will hold up well for many flights. I also like that it seals to prevent leakage. I like this product so well, I’ll probably purchase two or three more, so Norm can have two in his suitcase and I can have two in mine.

Wine Traveler - Beach2

Wine Traveler — Enjoy wine on-the-go when tailgating or while relaxing at the pool or beach in style. The Wine Traveler is a plastic wine sippy cup, with clear benefits in many situations. Its lid design prevents spills on choppy oceans or while carting down the golf course. Keep bugs and dirt from getting in your drink while relaxing at the beach or in the garden. The Wine Traveler will keep your favorite beverage cool longer with its dual chamber sealed insulation. Holds 12 ounces. It is top rack dishwasher approved.

Retail: $14.99

MDH: It’s winter here, but if traveling where it’s warm, this is an ideal accompaniment. I also think it is ideal for sipping a glass of wine while in the Jacuzzi or pool. Right now for me, it is the beginning of Jacuzzi weather. I especially like that water cannot splash into the Wine Traveler. Of course, there is nothing like sipping fine wine from a crystal glass, but in many situations, the risk of broken glass is not worth it. The Wine Traveler is ideal for those moments.

Airplane Couple hi res

My Air — Don’t let flu and cold germs ruin your next overseas vacation. We all know that exposure to viruses and bacteria can make us sick, but here are some things you might not know… Your nose does more than just smell – it’s part of an elaborate network of sinuses that warms and humidifies the air you breathe, and also acts as a filter. When not properly hydrated or protected, the nose and mouth become open gateways for germs and contaminants. This happens more often than you think, and dry tissues in the nose and throat not only make you more susceptible to germs, but also aggravate allergies, asthma & COPD. My Air solves the problem by reducing moisture lost in exhaled breath, and by blocking germs and allergens. It is an ultra thin mask with advanced filtration and an attractive design that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

Retail: $19.99

MDH: At first, I thought, “I can’t think of too many times I’d use this.” Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. I’ve a low immune system and log 55,000 to 70,000 air miles a year. I know the air in planes is re-circulated, and My Air seems to be the answer. I also know it will help me when it’s pollen time at home or when traveling. Hopefully, I won’t need it for more dangerous situations, but it will be nice to know I’m prepared.

High Altitude Flight Bag SKY BLUE

High Altitude Flight Bag by Genius Pack Ultimate convenient carry-on bag, that is great for electronics, magazines, books, tablets, smart phones and chargers. Innovative patent-pending design attaches to the seat tray in front of you to maximize space-savings and keep things from flying off the tray table during turbulence or bumpy flights. Recharge your smart phone directly from the pack when you integrate the Portable Mobile Charger. Includes removable padded shoulder strap. Slides on top of larger carry-ons for stress-free movement at airports.

Retail: $58.00

MDH: This is the height of organization. The photo is in blue and so is my sample. After I use it a few more times, I will probably order one in black. I like being able to recharge my iPhone from the pack, as my phone does run down while in air; even when in airplane mode or off. It is big enough for a tablet, but not a laptop, unless you have a notebook size. For those who want to be super organized, this a good solution, and they have a nice number of colors to choose from.

Image by Christian Ferrari. All product photos courtesy of the various manufacturers.

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