There are so many choices when it comes to fashion accessories, and handbags are no exception. As you make your way to the local shopping mall and sit on Santa’s lap, which handbag will you be asking for this holiday season? We talked with two handbag designers who showcase classic styles, and new materials that are sure to please a woman of any age on Christmas morning.

Sheena Sujan handbag designer

Sheena Sujan handbag designer

Sheena Sujan, High-end Style with a Classic Look

Sheena Sujan was launched in the fall of 2013. Celebrities such as Giuliana Rancic, Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashion have all been seen wearing a Sheena Sujan handbag on their arm.

Giuliana Rancic, Demi Lovato and Kim KardashionAs one of the world’s most exclusive purveyors of luxury leather handbags and accessories, Sheena Sujan’s rich history and tradition of excellence shine through like the proverbial diamond in the rough. Her leather goods are crafted in the same Italian province where top global luxury brands have produced their accessories since the early 1900s. Every handbag is constructed by expert artisans and masterfully cut and stitched together by hand, using only the finest Italian leathers and exotic skins. This heritage equates to an exquisite collection of simplistic-timeless elegance.

Sheena Sujan Barclay Tote

Sheena Sujan Barclay Tote – Retail: $495

Sheena’s thoughts on why handbags are such a status symbol: “In my opinion, a handbag is the final touch to an outfit. A well-made designer handbag is extremely striking and can be noticed from far away. Carrying a designer that has a signature look shows others what kind of style the wearer wishes to portray.”

Have you wondered if shoes need to match the bag? “Ideally, it would be nice if the shoes matched the bag. However, as long as women feel confident when carrying a Sheena Sujan handbag, that’s what matters the most to me.”

Sheena Sujan Carmichael Clutch

Sheena Sujan Carmichael Clutch – Retail: $220

The Sheena Sujan emblem is fabled in ancient history, as a creature of regal beauty. The two-headed tiger stands strong; she’s the master of her own destiny, a legend in both the ancient and modern world. Her majesty and exclusivity foretell tales of royalty and might.

In the month of October, 20% of each sale is given to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help find a cure for breast cancer. Sheena says, “I’m a strong advocate of women helping women, and I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to give back.”

The Sheena Sujan collection retails from $220 to $500. To learn more, go to

Robert Matthew Natalie Shoulder Tote Retail:$189.00

Robert Matthew Natalie Shoulder Tote – Retail:$189.00

Robert Matthew, Boho-chic and Animal Friendly

Many Robert Matthew handbags are produced with the highest grade of affordable, Animal Friendly PU Leather, giving the customer a bag that feels like real leather, but protects animals. Alicia Silverstone tweets, “Thank you @RMRobertMatthew for this elegant vegan bag, it’s so cute! (May 2014)

Alicia Silverston tweet Robert MatthewIt all started when lifetime friends, Robert and Matthew, were discussing the unique, yet intriguing trend setting fashions that continue to evolve within their home state of California; from the casual styles of San Francisco to the fashion forward influences of Los Angeles.

It became apparent that the California lifestyle needed a new luster in order to reflect the fashion of today. Robert and Matthew, always intrigued with connections that women have with their handbags, soon developed a passion to embody style, personality, and the latest trends in creating fashionable purses for all occasions.

Thus, Robert and Matthew set out to create the hottest new fashionable, yet functional, handbags that women around the world are proud to flaunt. They have over 17 years of experience in the fashion and handbag industry, which can be seen in their latest styles and fashion forward looks.

Robert Matthew Natalie Shoulder Tote Interior

Robert Matthew Natalie Shoulder Tote Interior

Robert Matthew is more than just handbags, they are accessory-focused with collections of designer scarves and jewelry. They are also very charity-driven, and have donated auction items to the ACS Skyline soiree, where all proceeds support the American Cancer Society. They were recently featured on the Today Show, where they hosted a huge sale of all their genuine leather wallets, wristlets, and clutches, along with some of their other bestselling bags. Ten percent of all proceeds were donated to the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The Robert Matthew collection retails from $138 to $210. To learn more, go to

No matter what your handbag fancy is this holiday season, we hope you find just what you were looking for under the tree on Christmas morning.

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