Welcoming a baby into your home is an exciting experience for more reasons than you can count. Raising a tiny human is a giant responsibility that nothing in life can quite prepare you for—but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare yourself for your new baby bundle of joy! Your littlest addition to the family will need a space to call their own as they grow from a baby into a toddler, into a kid and so on.

Setting up a nursery is an important first step for revamping your home into a baby-friendly place. A luxury nursery should be comfortable, warm, relaxing and enjoyable to be in. With these nursery must-haves, you’ll have a comprehensive idea of how to create a luxe nursery that matches the feng shui of your humble abode.

Step 1: Choose a crib

If there’s one piece of furniture worth splurging on, it’s the crib! Your baby will spend the first three years sleeping in their crib before transitioning to a grown-up bed size. And for parents planning on having more than one child, a high-quality crib can last years and years with proper care and use. Some cribs can even convert into toddler-sized beds that make your splurge purchase that much better.

Step 2: Buy the best bedding

With a crib picked out and ready for assembly, you’ll need luxury baby bedding to make it official. As the showpiece of your nursery, the crib should get the ultimate luxe treatment. Be sure to choose soft, plush sheet sets that are equal parts comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Pro tip: Stock up on at least four sets of baby bedding. Accidents happen and are a simple part of raising a child. You’ll be surprised to find just how often you run those sheets through the wash. It’s always a smart idea to have a backup set ready.

Luxe Nursery design

Step 3: Find a cozy nursery chair

Spending time with baby will likely happen in the comfort of his or her nursery room. Having a comfortable reclining sofa seat or a soft chaise serves any mama or papa well whenever you need a break from running around. A rocking chair is another brilliant idea for a nursery chair. The rocking motion will help both baby and parents fall asleep after a long day.

Step 4: Design a changing station

Baby in the house means diapers in the house. Changing your baby become infinitely easier when you have a changing station primed and perfected for changing duties. A freestanding changing table with drawers makes for a great surface and storage duo.

Pro tip: Consider installing a shelving unit to the wall so everything you need is always within an arm’s reach! Wall-shelves keep clutter off the ground and look elegant when designed well!

Step 5: Paint the walls

Cold white walls aren’t very comforting and can be blinding when combined with natural sunlight. Painting the walls a warm color eases the ambiance and creates a more welcoming environment for you and your precious baby. Colors like amber, mustard yellow, olive green, and sepia are all beautiful options to consider for your nursery paint job.

Step 6: Decorate the windows

Baby will spend most of his or her time sleeping, so if their room gets plenty of natural light, decorating the windows with shady curtains will allow them to sleep soundly. No blinding sunlight to stir up another crying fit!

Pro tip: Choose curtain colors that pair well with the design of the room and match the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Maintaining a luxury home means taking the time to ensure every single piece of your home speaks to your eye for decor.

Step 7: Find warm lighting

The finishing touch to your nursery should be adding ambient lighting that offsets the main light you have in the room. A warm-toned lamp stationed next to your nursery chair is perfect for reading, feeding, and spending time with your baby.

Creating a luxury nursery for your baby is much easier than you thought it was, right? With your eye for high-quality products and your bursting love for your baby, a quick trip to the furniture store is the only thing standing between you and your dream nursery!