Salutations, esteemed persons of taste and class. We courteously thank you for logging on to LuxeBeatMag, and graciously welcome you to our site. Today, we will be informing you on the very most important of topics: how to properly dress like a fancy lad.

Now, you may have heard tell from hither and thither of the right way to dress. But, let us caution you, as a lad of taste, you must be discerning. Fret no longer; look no further. Here you will find all you need to dress in a manner befitting of any young gentleman, dapper fellow, or esteemed professional. Do please read on for our thorough guide on the subject.


We apologize for bringing up such a sensitive topic, but it simply must be said: a true fancy lad is fancy through and through – starting with his undergarments. What forms of undergarment should you, the discerning man about town, consider for your own wardrobe? Survey these necessities:

  • Socks: yes, this humble covering of the foot is where you must begin. It is the foundation of your apparel. Men’s dress socks must be worn at all times, if you are truly to take on the role of fancy lad.
  • Drawers: your drawers come next. You must be comfortable all day in your undergarments, so be sure your drawers are soft and accommodating as can be.
  • Undershirt: the gentleman scholar mustn’t show his perspiration through his outer clothes. Do please wear an undershirt to prevent such an embarrassment.

Let us now continue on from intimates.


It cannot be overstated: the clothing of a fancy lad must befit his stature. You wouldn’t want to be confused for a common ragamuffin, and your clothing are the easiest way to ensure the distinction is firmly drawn. The list below contains the essential wardrobe pieces a landed lord must don in order to command his due respect:

  • Trousers: jeans and pants of twill are un-befitting of the man of class, unless he finds himself engaged in sporting affairs, perhaps. Be sure you are clad in the finest of slacks or trousers if you want to make a memorable impression.
  • Shirt: a man’s shirt should be made from silk, cashmere, or linen, and always be buttoned just-so.
  • Waistcoat: in order to complete the essence of your appearance, it is of the utmost importance that you wear a waistcoat.
  • Shoes: a dapper pair of Oxfords or derby brogues should suit the honest gentleman well.

Once you’ve assembled an esteemed wardrobe of basic garments, it is time to consider the accessories and outerwear that will make your strongest statement.


A fancy lad simply isn’t quite fancy enough unless he’s sporting the season’s most memorable and eye-catching accessory pieces. This list displays a few which may strike your fancy:

  • A pocket watch: nothing distinguishes the dapper gentleman from his peers more than a pocket-watch, complete with a fine chain with which he may access his timepiece.
  • An ascot: this fine neckwear is an essential for the man looking to make his mark, as luxury ascots both protects the neck from chilling winds and serves as a stunning conversation starter.
  • A hat: it is polite for a fancy lad to remove his hat in the presence of a lady, or his employer. Thus, it is necessary to first wear a hat in order to remove it as a sign of respect.

Lastly, outerwear may be of the essence should you find yourself in a colder climate.

fancy lad


Now, not just any barkeep’s jacket will do for the discerning fancy lad. These options should perform superbly for a man with a keen eye for fashion:

  • A peacoat, which offers thorough warmth due to its heavy woolen fibers
  • Trench coats, which are ideal for dreary and rainy days when your finer clothes need full protection from the elements
  • An overcoat, which serves a hybrid function of the two lately mentioned varieties of outwear

If you find it is intensely frigid out of doors, it is permissible to add a woolen scarf and hat to this ensemble, should you expect to be exposed to the cold for some time.

There you have it. The essential guide to dressing like a fancy lad. We do hope it serves you, and that you return once again to our merry little site.