Considering selling diamonds, jewelry or luxury watches? If so, you may be wondering where the best place to start is. The good news is that when working with the right buyer, not only is the selling process a breeze but you can also receive the best prices for your items. Today there are an endless array of buyers, but who has the time to meet with all of them and hear their offers? We’re here to guide you through the most popular diamond, jewelry and watch buyers and determine who will give you the best prices so you can soon enjoy extra funds in your wallet.

How to Sell Diamonds, Jewelry and Watches for the Best Prices

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How to get a price quote

The first step for selling your diamonds, jewelry and watches for the best prices is gathering as much information about these items that you can. This way you can share the characteristics of your pieces with potential buyers and receive quick price quotes online or over the phone. If you have been holding onto the official paperwork that came with your luxury goods when purchased, finding all the information you need will be easy and might even increase your offer.

Don’t worry if you no longer have any official paperwork, you can still sell your items. If you are selling diamonds or jewelry, meet with a local jeweler who can give you a rough idea about your pieces such as their 4 C’s, metal type and series. If you are selling a timepiece, meet with a certified horologist who can tell you your watch’s model number, condition and other useful information.

You can also try to find your item’s product page from their respective websites, which you can share with buyers.

How to find a diamond, jewelry or watch buyer

How to Sell Diamonds, Jewelry and Watches for the Best Prices

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Next up is finding a reputable buyer for your diamonds, jewelry and watches. You will want a buyer who is honest, competitive and experienced in the second-hand luxury market. Below are the most popular buyers of luxury items:

Pawnshops are a quick and local option for getting paid for your diamonds, jewelry and watches quickly and in cash. Although cash on the spot seems pretty tempting, pawnshops typically give low prices. This is because they do not have the necessary understanding of the luxury second-hand market and therefore make cautious offers. Their lack of industry knowledge means that you will be losing out funds you could have gotten elsewhere.

Auction Houses are a traditional selling option for high value items as they employ gemologists, jewelers and horologists. Their staff are trained in the second-hand luxury market and are able to assess the worth of your items, but working with an auction house is a waiting game. You will need to wait for an auction to be held and for your items to actually sell. This could take months, years or they may simply never sell at all. Furthermore, auction houses have limited attendance, which can reduce the likelihood of your items selling. Even if your items are bought, the auction house will take a percentage of your earnings meaning that you could have got more elsewhere.

How to Sell Diamonds, Jewelry and Watches for the Best Prices

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Online Ads are easy to make thanks to the multitude of user-friendly websites such as eBay and Craigslist. This way you are able to set your own price for your diamonds, jewelry and watches as well as sell them directly to their buyer. Keep in mind that without in-depth knowledge of the second-hand luxury market accurately pricing your luxury items is difficult. Not only will you need to wait for potential buyers to express interest in your items, but you will need to be careful of scammers. Once again, this option is a waiting game and there is guarantee of a sale.

Specialty Diamond, Jewelry and Watch Buyers are your best option for selling diamonds, jewelry and watches quickly and easily for the best prices. The reason being is that expert buyers, such as WP Diamonds, have a team of trained gemologists and horologists with the necessary skills to accurately and honestly price your luxury items. Additionally, their international service is easy, secure and entirely free with no hidden fees. Get a price quote today by completing a quick online form and sell your diamonds, jewelry and watches in as little as 24 hours.

How to Sell Diamonds, Jewelry and Watches for the Best Prices

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