Luxury is not just something you are born into. It is not something that only celebrities and business tycoons can attain. Anyone can achieve the appearance of luxury if they know how to do it. Decorating an uptown apartment in the lavish styles of the rich and famous is one way to have you feeling luxurious.

Finding an apartment is the first step to having a luxurious feeling in your home. Once you have found the perfect place to begin your style transformation – looking at the layout of the rooms, the size of them, the architecture of the apartment, and the colors used within – you can then start the process of giving your home the refined sense you seek.

But what can you do with your apartment to make this desire a reality? Here, we discuss several ways you can transform that new apartment into a classy and elegant living space.

De-clutter Your Living Space

One of the aspects of luxury is not showing off how much stuff you have, it’s highlighting what pieces you want to put on display. Reduce clutter by getting rid of whatever decorative items you have that are not essential for your luxurious home. The items you keep will need to be few and should accentuate the rest of the apartment’s decor, not stand out.

If having books on a bookshelf out for all to see was your preference before changing your interior theme, you will want to move your reading collection inside closed shelving units of sleek designs and beautiful colors. You may need to hide them within other pieces of furniture as well, such as an ottoman or in a reading room specifically designed for the enjoyment of books.

Choose the Right Furniture

Before moving into your apartment, you will need to choose the furniture that will best fit your luxury-themed design. Depending on your tastes, you have a few options that can provide you with the lavish accommodations you have found. Contemporary or traditional styled homes will have over-sized furniture, giving them and the room they are in a grandiose feel. The sitting area of the living room, with a sofa, multiple chairs, and a central table, should be the focal point; the remaining furniture, drapery, and lighting fixtures should enhance the scene.

In the bedroom, a grand bed should be what draws the eye. The rest of the room should be designed around the size, shape, and dressings of the bed. Colors should complement the bed but not detract from it. The sheets covering the bed should be elegant and simple – not floral patterns. They should also be of a high thread count material such as Egyptian cotton or silk. Nothing speaks luxury like Egyptian cotton and silk.

Curtains and Drapery

Light materials used in drapery can give the impression of elegance and luxury. Pick out a beautiful,one-colored curtain or one with a simple design, too much of either will create a cluttered look and take away from the appeal you are trying to give your apartment.

Thicker materials can be used as well, but be careful with these. While you are looking to create luxury in your home, a thicker set of curtains or drapes can lean more towards the homely side of the design spectrum. That would actually be going in the opposite direction of where you want your decor to go. If you have a preference for thicker curtains, keep in mind the rule mentioned above: it must have a simple design or be of a single color.

Stack Your Elements

Once you have your decor picked out, your furniture in place, and the drapes hanging beside your windows, you can then accentuate. Add a couple of throw pillows to your sofa and chairs in the living room, place a piece of greenery in the center of the dining room table, set candles throughout the bathroom.

To prevent confusion: this is not re-adding clutter to your apartment. This is giving your apartment the added touches it needs to complete the ambiance. It is layering the accessories, adding pieces into the rooms that perfectly fit within the decor of your luxurious home.