Immortal Estate, Northern California’s newest winery situated on the mountainous border of Napa and Sonoma, has announced that it launched its first Cabernet Sauvignon on July 10, 2018. The “Impassable Mountain” will be released under their own label and sold for $303 per bottle.

The vineyard is an organic evolution of Hidden Ridge Vineyard, a winery that has produced wines earning a rare 100-point rating from internationally influential wine critic Robert Parker.

Immortal Estate vineyardImmortal Estate’s distinctive terroir, from its location stretching across fifty planted acres of the estate’s total 150 acres of land in the Mayacamas Mountains, enables it to produce true mountain fruits, creating wines consistently scoring 97 or over by Parker. West of St. Helena, the vineyard spans the slope of the mountainside, providing unique soil and light conditions for the fruits. Wines produced here are rich, dark, and full-bodied, with a range of palette notes including cassis, dense cocoa, sweet spice, and truffles.

“These mountain fruit are incredibly delicate,” says Tim Martin, Owner of Immortal Estate. “The wines produced here are unlike anything else you can find; it really speaks to just how special this location is.”

Through its transition to Immortal Estate, the vineyard aims to bring the already-high standard to new levels, by producing some of the highest quality wines from the region. Originally developed by Lynn Hofacket and Timothy Milos in 1990, Hidden Ridge earned accolades for producing unparalleled Cabernets, owing this to Hofacket’s accomplishments in developing the vineyards on such extreme slopes. Martin, who rose to prominence in Wine Country after cofounding Tusk Estate, believes this transition is just the beginning of the next chapter of the vineyard’s history.

“Immortal Estate’s mission is to create truly immortal wines,” says Martin. “Like the immortal jellyfish on our labels, we want clients’ memories with Immortal Estate’s wines to live forever. We believe the way to do that is by delivering a truly luxurious wine experience through incomparable wines.”

Robert Parker said of the 2013 Impassable Mountain: “This wine is nearly Immortal, drinking well young, and for those with the patience and wisdom to wait 25-35 years, a legacy wine from Sonoma.”

Immortal Estate vineyardABOUT IMMORTAL ESTATE:

Immortal Estate is an organic evolution from the acclaimed Hidden Ridge Vineyard on the Sonoma side of Spring Mountain in the Mayacamas Mountains. Under new management, the property was originally developed by the Lynn Hofacket, initially purchasing the land in 1990 and developing the vineyards over many years. Hofacket was very accomplished in developing vineyards on the extreme slopes of this mountain property but did not dedicate a similar effort to establishing the brand and marketing the wine. For more information, visit

Wine produced from this vineyard has consistently been rated 90+ by industry aficionados Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Wine Advocate (Robert Parker). In 2014, Wine Spectator rated the 2009 “55% Slope” #32 of the Top 100 Wines of the year. The 2013 Impassable Mountain achieved a perfect score of 100 points from Robert Parker.