Sea Glass Chef Andrew Chadwick exclusively introduces the popular plant-based burger to Maine that smells, looks, feels -and most importantly- tastes like meat.

We are excited to introduce this new trend by Sea Glass Chef Andrew Chadwick. In a few weeks we will be featuring an in-depth interview with him and we’ll be highlighting many of his hidden talents. He’s amazing and always open to discovering new exciting healthy avenues.

Executive Chef Andrew Chadwick

This Tuesday Portland, Maine area residents can be the first in the state to bite into the now famous ‘bleeding’ Impossible® veggie burger by visiting Inn by the Sea. The uber popular plant based patty, which creates long wait lines when served in trendy restaurants in cities like LA & New York, will  be available for the first time in Maine, exclusively at Sea Glass restaurant at Inn by the Sea, starting September 26th.

So, where’s the beef?  Well that’s the point, there isn’t any. According to Impossible Foods® it tastes, smells, feels, looks and grills up like meat- even bleeds like a traditional burger – but the patty is actually vegan and made from plants; mostly wheat, coconut oil, potatoes, and heme. The meaty taste, texture and ability to ‘bleed’ all come from heme, an ingredient derived from soybean roots.

The company states “…the Impossible Burger, uses about 75% less water, generates about 87% fewer greenhouse gases and requires around 95% less land than conventional ground beef from cows. It’s produced without hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol or artificial flavors.”

Well fine, especially for the tree-huggers among us- but let’s get to the meat of the thing- how does it actually taste? Is it a viable substitute for carnivores and meat lovers who might like to move toward a healthier, more ethical lifestyle? Or vegans who miss meat? Given all the rave reviews it sounds as if Impossible® is a winner- but you’ll have to be the final judge.

Impossible Burger Patties-Credit Impossible Foods

Chef Andrew Chadwick will be serving up vegan Impossible® Burgers in Sea Glass exclusively starting Tuesday, September 26th. Come in and be the first to give them a try.  And remember to give yourself a pat on the back while enjoying your burger- according to the company you’ll be saving the equivalent of 10 minutes of showering, 18 minutes of driving, and 75 square feet of land. Good for you!

My first visit to the Inn By the Sea was several decades ago and it just keeps getting better.

Inn by the Sea