We move from one place to another for different reasons such as jobs, career shifts, transfers, relationships, better living conditions, getting a new start in life and everything in between. In case you are planning a shift soon, should you consider the capital of the United States as an option? Well the answer would have to be a yes. It is a great city to live and work in, but there’s also so much history here to explore. Go through the following reasons why a shift to Washington D.C. could actually be a great consideration.


Job Opportunities Are Better Than Ever in the City

The State of Washington doesn’t have a good employment record unfortunately, and if you look at their employment graph from 2011 onward, it had been dipping like anything until 2017 – 2018. Post that period however, and especially in 2019, the graph has finally begun to rise upwards, and quite steadily at that.

The capital city of Washington DC, on the other hand, has managed to stay comparatively less affected by the dipping employment rates in the last few years, although there has certainly been a dip.

The good news is that similar to the state itself, the city is also showing a rise in employment from late 2018 that is climbing quite steeply. It would be fair to state that if you plan to find a job after you get to DC, your chances in 2019 are better than they were in at least the last seven to eight years.

Aside from all that, there is no better place to find government employment than in D.C. as the federal government has 140k+ employees working for them in the city right now, with more positions to open up soon. Also, private healthcare would be a booming sector worth looking into while you are in Washington if you have any experience or education in the field.


Accommodation Options are Top Notch and Available

Admittedly, furnished apartments in Washington DC are not cheap, whether you are looking to buy them or rent them. That being said, a whole range of furnished apartments for rent in Washington DC has been made available by Blueground for people who have just moved to the city, or are planning to move to a better and safer section of D.C.

If you are here with a job, or due to transfer at work, Blueground’s choice of corporate apartments in Washington DC will make sure that you find what you are looking for in some of the poshest and most in-demand sections of the city.

Go to the Blueground website and check out the various furnished apartments in Washington D.C. that they have listed on the site with detailed pictures. You are almost guaranteed to find something you like in an area of the city that you need it in.

the white house

Washington D.C. is a Historical Paradise

This is where it all began for America, and in case you have even the slightest of interest in its history, this would be the place to find it in for sure. Some of the premier attractions of Washington DC are as follows, but they are not the only ones by far:

  • Washington Monument: It’s a 555-feet tall obelisk that’s as grand to look at today, as it was in 1884
  • White House: Irrespective of which party you support, it is one of America’s greatest historical sites all the same
  • National Museum of American History: A museum can’t get more iconic than that name!
  • National Archives: Take a Look at the original American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
  • Daughters of the American Revolution: A look back at the American Dream as it was in the 18th and 19th Century

If You Like Hiking or Biking, You Will Love DC

If taking long walks, going on biking adventures, and even hiking through the woods are things that you generally enjoy, Washington DC will provide you with an abundance of options to pursue your outdoorsy nature. Consider some of the best trails around the city below.

  • Rock Creek Park: 2,000 acres of trail is included in the park, and yet, it’s in the middle of the city!
  • Theodore Roosevelt Island Trail: Located on the Potomac river, right in between DC and Virginia, it’s a gorgeous island to explore
  • Mount Vernon Trail: Ideal, long hike for bikers and trekkers alike, it’s 18-miles of natural bliss

If none of what we discussed appealed to you, then the question is, what is it that you are looking for? Not that it’s the only great city to move to in the whole of US of course, but unless you actually have a significantly better job opportunity in another city, or you are looking for something very specific, Washington D.C. has almost everything that one can possibly expect from a premier city in the United States.

All images courtesy of David Mark from Pixabay