It’s a common trend to start the New Year off with something healthy. What better way to do that than with a Juicepresso? The ad was good, but it did not convince me that this product was the answer to my needs. Most of the juice presses I’ve seen were cumbersome, and I wasn’t really sure about all the accolades. But since I really wanted a juice press, I decided to give the Juicepresso a try.JP-Recruitment-Join

After my Juicepresso arrived and was unpacked, it went together quite easily and did not take up much counter space. I picked some oranges and grapefruit from my yard and cut the fruit into one-to-two-inch pieces, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Now for the first test. Feeding the fruit into the Juicepresso went very quickly. The pulp came out of the second outlet easily–and the juice was delicious! The next test would be the cleaning. Everything came apart smoothly and went into the dishwasher. Nice and easy–I love it.

Juicepresso system at work

Juicepresso system at work

Facts from the manufacturer:

Health benefits:

  • Ten servings of fruits and vegetables in one glass
  • Nutrients enter the bloodstream in minutes
  • May increase energy levels
  • Can jumpstart and support weight loss efforts
  • May help protect against various diseases.

Why Cold Press:

  • 40% more juice volume
  • Higher nutrient retention than centrifugal juicers because it doesn’t generate heat that destroys some of the potency
  • Lasts longer – 72-hour juice life
  • Looks great on counter with small footprint.

Why Juicepresso/What’s Different?

  • Fewer parts because of patented one-piece extraction system
  • Therefore Easier to clean – Solves one of the biggest barriers to juicing
  • Forty RPM motor vs. standard eighty RPM for cold press juicers – helps retain nutrients and maximize juice life
  • Goes in dishwasher.


Two aspects that I especially liked was the patented one-piece extraction system (three-in-one extractor systems, merges the auger, strainer and rotating brush components and is dishwasher safe) and the wider, slanted chute cap keeps juice in the cylinder without drips and dribbles until juicing is complete, if you desire.

In addition to having the smallest footprint and lowest maintenance for any in-home juicer on the market at this time, it can make more than juice. You can make soups, organic baby food, pancakes, almond milk and all sorts of things. It is packaged with a recipe book with delicious suggestions. You are encouraged to save the pulp from the fruit or vegetables and freeze them to use in some of the suggested recipes or your own creations.

Besides the delicious juice, my favorite aspect is the ease of cleaning. I highly recommend the Juicepresso or 1-800-899-9001.