This is an easy crock pot version that anyone can make. Kalua pig is the whole pig that is cooked in a pit in the ground known as an Imu. This dish is traditionally served at Luaus, family gatherings and special occasions such as graduations, and birthdays. Local families in Hawaii also make quick version with pre-made Kalua pork, but here we do a better version from scratch using a crock pot/slow cooker.

Kalua Pig


3-4 lb pork loin roast or pork shoulder
1 large onion sliced
4 plus cups beef stock
4 plus cups chicken stock
1 medium cabbage roughly chopped
¼ teaspoon of liquid smoke
2-3 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
Hawaiian salt to taste
Soy sauce to taste


Place the pork in a slow cooker with the beef and chicken stock. Use enough stock here to fully cover the pork roast. Cover and cook on the high setting for a minimum of 6 hours adding stock if needed. After slow cooking the pork, set the meat aside remove the broth from the heat and let cool to make skimming any fat easier. When the pork is cool enough to handle, shred it with fork and set aside. In a large stock pot add the olive oil, onions and cabbage, saute the vegetables until tender. Now add the shredded pork and some of the beef/chicken stock to the pot. Continue to cook this until the vegetables are tender. Adjust seasonings here. This dish is served with poi and short grain white or jasmine rice and shoyu (soy sauce) for seasoning.

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