It’s a part of life that everyone grows older, but whether you choose to do this naturally or opt for cosmetic enhancements is up to you. If you don’t fancy going under the knife, there is a host of ways that you can try to hold off the aging process a little longer, and you’ll be pleased to hear most of them are super simple to try! Changing your habits can help you appear younger and healthier plus they also don’t cost the earth to implement, so take a look at some of the lifestyle changes you can make to look younger naturally.

Apply SPF every day

The harmful suns rays have been known to cause premature aging to the skin for many years now, but yet we still decide to go out in it without adequate protection for the hope of a great tan. Although a tan is perceived to give you a healthy glow, in the long run, you are doing significant and irreversible damage to your skin. Using a good SPF can help stop the effects of the sun and protect you at all times. It is also essential to use it whatever the weather as even with cloud cover you could be damaging your skin without even realizing it. It is recommended to use at least SPF30 to get good coverage come rain or shine.


It is usually part of a beauty regime for most women, but there are a few places people forget to moisturize on a daily basis. These areas are where you can begin to notice aging more prominently due to the skin thinness, and this is hands, feet, and elbows. Using a rich, oil-free lotion especially for these areas, such as the hands, give them a much-needed moisture boost and helps prevent brown spots and wrinkles.

Joint pain

There’s nothing worse than pain in areas of your body, and as you start to get older, you may notice it more in your joints. Pain specialists such as Rishin Patel Insight Medical Partners promote the need to stay active and take part in gentle exercise, as this helps to keep your body in tip-top condition and reduce the amount of discomfort from muscle and joint issues.

Get plenty of sleep

Getting adequate sleep helps to replenish the body and get it ready for the day ahead. People that find it difficult to sleep often feel tired and sluggish in the morning, which makes skin look dull and dehydrated. Getting approximately 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep helps to boost the skins natural defenses and give you a radiant complexion in the morning. This renewal during the night also helps to prevent breakouts on the skin too.

There are many ways in which you can naturally look and feel younger, and often these are easy to do with just a few simple lifestyle changes. Incorporating the changes into your life is a great way to feel more confident and great about growing older in a healthy and happy way.